b'As experts in ice cream we invest, inspire and innovate.The directors at Antonelli are delighted to announce a new exclusive partnership MONTHLY FEATUREMONTHLY NEWSwith innovative and artisan Italian ingredients manufacturers COMPRITAL andGELATO JONNYCONSIDERING MARTINI.We have also invested in our own GELPRO products to extend ourConfectioneryently planning your next seasons avours and looking for new twists on established recipes or alternative ways of displaying or decorating your gelato. You are no doubt cur flavours and in an apropriate way.Pros and cons for each method: MONTHLY NEWSing up the branded range, providing our customers with a wide variety of bases, concentrates andAThe question is how do you replicateOption one - chop ing to your base.chocolate and ada branded chocolate in the form of aThe advantages of using this methodIt has the branded chocolate in theMAKING THE MOST OF particulargelato? are: mix so you can cal it by the brand favourite inOptions for making confectioneryname taste of that variegati, to create excellent gelato and ice cream. The team of Antonelli Businessthe market inbased gelato: You can either ad the This also means it wil GELATO JONNYrecent years hasThere are two main ways of creatingchocolate brandective than startingdif ses YOUR LOCAL MILKben to use wel-known a gelato or ice cream to emulate a It is more cost-efchocolate brand.from scratch confectionery, chocolate brands orchoped-up chocolate pieces of your It is quick to makecoloured swets to lure customersfavourite brand to your standard base,On the downside: m temperature, towards your gelato. This can be veryef or you can start from scratch and build Tto be consumed at ro Recently I have had ective when used with the rightup the flavour by breaking down thehe branded chocolate bar is designed some interesting component parts. For example, if youor at coldest from the fridge, so when conversations andNow for the technical bit: decided you wanted to make a Doubleyou ad it to ice cream or gelato and experimental ice Relationship Managers support our customers across the UK.With our Nationalcream makingStandard black and white cows milk whichWhat about the fats? Decker gelato mix you mightp it in a frezer cabinet you canions usingis most commonly used acros the UK haswe usualy admilk. So, this montha fat content of 3.6% with a non-fat milk consider using flavours andke lose the expected taste and the chunks ice cream. In this article I am just lo erent types ofsolids (NFMS) content of 9% of which 3.2%buf When making ice cream with cows milkd ingredients such as crispyI thought I would are another discusion! share some of thoseis protein. Jersey and Guernsey cows, as mostto addouble cream. Whilst goats encourage you to use your local milk to makepeople are probably aware, produce creamiermilk has a higher fat content, we stil necereal and nougat alongof chocolate can become very hard experiences with you togoats butNot just cows milkking atmilk which means the fat content is higher. It some extra fat, which we do usingp and with cocoa. A popular T here is a risk that sugars from the animal milks - soya and vegan alternativesis these fat and protein percentages that arealo milk there is no ned to ad extra fat one for the seasonbar could bled into the ice cream It is not unusual for me to be aproached atimportant to understand. The reason for thisdue to the natural fat content of these milks Technical Manager on hand for more technical queries, our reputation for trainingjust sel i by farmers wishing to find waysis that you ned a certain level of proteins todoes the protein come from?the traditionaland reduce the stability of the product start at Easter iswhich can potentialy afect the Antonel bind with the fat to create a god ice creamer. However, when using shecourses and one-to-one ses proces structure. In my opinion, you cant makesmo as mentioned already. The question is: where of making more out of their milk other thanquality ice cream just with using milk andWhere does the protein come from for Cadburys (asfrezing point and the shelf lifecream. We use proteins to bind with the fat Cream EgIf your chosen chocolate confectionery few years, demonstrating how to use freshto avoid fat globules and prevent ice crystals,se goats milk ice cream? ing it at a low price. I have held manycreating a smoth texture with an apropriateThis was the chalenging part of creating a pictured) or youcontains a coloured sugar coating this a new trendysleaving colourles ect not only thelevel of traped air. Skimmed milk powder might preferwil invariably blelumps, similarly, d into the mixture cows milk (often unpasteurised) to make(SMP), which is basicaly dehydrated milk - aand water. The goions in the past ice cream. Most ice cream makers, however, which removes not just the water butth textured balanced ice cream using use standard pasteurised milk, often fromthe fat as wel, ads the required protein at agoats milk. Taking tips from vegan recipes, I such as Ter biscuit products can go lumpy and friesians, or as I simply cal them black andnlevel of 38%.tried using starches which help bond the fat and service is second to none.Gelato Jonny is a regular contributor to the ICAsChocolates. mushy which wil afwhite cows. In the last year, I have also be with goats milk?content. More go d news is that it worked, asked about making ice cream using goats, ).Can we use SMP when making ice creammilk. so using maltodextrin or dry glucose powder Orange Eg taste but the texture of your gelato Jersey cows and bufalo milk (not al mixedshe alo milk to makecream tasted great to d news is that the ice How much dif ms to serve the same purpose as the SMP, up together I hasten to ad If you are using goats or buf but without interfering with the lactose creation use other animals milk?your ice cream the balance changes quiteSo, my mes- in fact, most people So, the question is - how much diferencesignificantly due to the fat levels. Goats milkwouldnt know it wasnt made with cows erence does it make if you or the recipe itself, if you use diferent animalhas a fat content of 4% (which is a bit higherbe scared to try diferent milks, it could helpy Ice Cream Magazine, earning respect across the industry. Our message to ourvarying, the big than standard cows milk), whilst bufalo and does it make to the ice cream either in taste8%. However, the chalenge arises in that weto lower your fo age to you this month is dont milk? Apart from the taste of the milksp milk contains double the amount ata way to dif d miles by using localdont advise you to use SMP, particularly with might be ap itional goats milk. If you are wondering why, it isunique sel erentiate your ice cream from fats and proteins. est factor is the balance ofbecause goats milk has a much lower lactosesourced milk. It might also provide you with content compared to cows milk, which 16ICE CREAM February 2020intolerant can stil the competition and give you an admeans that many people who are lactoseintolerance to ing point, and whats more, it without sufering any adverse efects.Jon where to find me! yy ropriate for those with a lactosep.consume goats milkSe ! What have you got to lose? customers, old and new, small and large is that we are not in the industry just toGive it a go and if you get stuck you knowyou next time for the latest scoGelato Jonmake sales, but to build professional relationships and support you as your business grows and diversifies. ServingIce CreamconesdecorationsservingIf you are interested in purchasing ice cream cones or decorations see our Serving Ice Cream brochure.February 2020 10161 789 4485 | orders@antonelli.co.uk | www.antonelli.co.ukwww.antonelli.co.ukWith over 100 years experience in baking wafers and cones, Antonelli is the only UK manufacturer of waffle cones and is seen as an ambassador to the industry. The selection by the BBC to feature on their shows identifies our position as the UKs go to cones manufacturer.The AntonelliBakeryGelato Academy provides a dedicated facility for ice cream trainingWeymouth Roadand demonstrations, so we can support our customers from start ups toEcclesestablished ice cream makers. ManchesterOur network of Business Relationship Managers across the UK enables us toM30 8FBkeep in touch on a regular basis (see P4 for details). If you need to contactUKus between visits then please use one of the following methods:Office & WarehouseSoapstone WayTel: 0161 789 4485 | info@antonelli.co.ukIrlamwww.icecreamtraining.co.ukManchesterM44 6RAwww.antonelli.co.uk UK'