b"Inclusions/Bisconey CrumbDecorations Black Cookie Crumb FC Lotus Biscoff CrumbTutti Frutti CandiedMicro MarshmallowsChocolate Chips Cookies & Creme PiecesBlossoms Milk Blossoms White Chocolate BeansMeringue PiecesDark Choc Splits Biscuit Crumb (Antonelli)Whole Amarena CherriesRoasted Nib Peanuts Pistachio Nibs Pouches are part of our Honeycomb Large GREENLINErange being compostable.Mini Em & Ems PiecesMini Em & Ems Hazelnut NibsHoneycomb Small Honeycomb Granules Fudge Pieces Butter Fudge Cubes Butterscotch Chips Fudge Pieces Fudge Mini PiecesProduct Product Name UnitPacked Code Weight (kg) In Adding texture withinHoneycomb your ice cream or gelato is a longS16804 Honeycomb Granules FC 5 Box standing tradition and many consumers enjoy the S16801 Honeycomb Large 5 Box contrast of the crunch with the smooth ice cream.S16800 Honeycomb Small FC 5 BoxS16865 Honeycomb Small FC 0.55 Pouch S16802 Honeycomb Small MCC 3 BagFudge & Caramel Product Product Name UnitPacked Code Weight (kg) InS16806 Butter Fudge Cubes 1 Pouch BiscuitS16807 Butter Fudge Cubes 10 PouchS16808 Butterscotch Chips FC 10 Box S16909 Bisconey Crumb 0.9 PouchS16809 Butterscotch Chips FC 1.2 Box S16910 Bisconey Crumb 10 BoxS16810 Fudge Mini Pieces FC 10 Pouch S16900 Biscuit Crumb (Antonelli) 5 BoxS16867 Fudge Mini Pieces FC 1 Box S16905 Black Cookie Crumb FC 0.8 Pouch5RFUDGE Fudge Pieces 8 Box S16906 Black Cookie Crumb FC 10 BoxS16864 Fudge Pieces 1 PouchS16816 Cookies & Creme Pieces 11 BoxChocolate Pieces S16817 Cookie Biscuits - Abbracci 0.35 PouchBCRUMB Lotus Biscoff Crumb 0.75 PouchS16854 Blossom Dark 2.5 Box S16859 Malty Balls Milk choc coated 2 BoxS16855 Blossoms Milk 2.5 Box S16907 Salted Biscuit Grains FC 0.9 PouchS16856 Blossoms White 2.5 Box S16908 Salted Biscuit Grains FC 10 BoxS16888 Chocolate Beans 1.4 PouchS16913 Shortcake Crumb FC 0.7 PouchS16861 Chocolate Chips [30k/kg] 1 PouchS16914 Shortcake Crumb FC 8 BoxS16857 Dark Choc Splits 1 Foil Bag S16903 Shortcake Small FC 0.8 PouchS16862 Mini Em & Em's 1.3 Pouch S16904 Shortcake Small FC 10 BoxSB16862 Mini Em & Em's 15kg 15 Box FruitS16863 Mini Em & Em PIECES 1.3 PouchNuts MAE37DE Tutti Frutti Candied Fruit 3 BoxMAE37DD Whole Amarena Cherries 5 TinS16814 Hazelnut Nibs 1 Foil BagS16813 Pistachio Nibs 1 Foil BagS16811 Roasted Nib Peanuts 1 Pouch Note that products marked as packed in Pouch, are supplied in our compostable pouches as part of our sustainable GREENLINE initiative.30 0161 789 4485|orders@antonelli.co.uk"