b'GELPROGREENLINEfor a Blue PlanetTake Home Packs RefilllinersThese packs enable consumers to take your iceavailable.cream/gelato home without endangering the environment with polystyrene.Product Description Capacity Pack Dimensions We continually review our wastage andCode (cm)recycling procedures. In recent years weRectangular take home pack for17 x 12 xhave changed our packaging for recyclablePGLTRAY500A ice cream/gelato (inc base, lid,500ml 40 9.8(h)materials.In addition to these policiescompostable liner & film)we also have a compostable range ofRectangular take home pack for22.3 x 13.2 x PGLTRAY1000A ice cream/gelato (inc base, lid,1 litre 409.7(h)tubs, spoons and take home packs, ascompostable liner & film)well as compostable pouches for ourSquare take home pack for ice14cm x 14cm x dry decorations and inclusions, whichPGLTRAY500 cream/gelato (inc base, lid,500ml 40 9cm(h)all fall under our GREENLINE range. Allcompostable liner & film)compostable items are entered in greenSquare take home pack for ice18cm x 18cm x PGLTRAY1000 cream/gelato (inc base, lid,1 litre 40for easy recognition. compostable liner & film) 11cm(h)TUB520 Ice Cream Pot 520cc 1152 TUB520LID Ice Cream Pot Lid 520cc 840 Material: PLAAt Antonelli we care about the environment.www.antonelli.co.uk|www.icecreamtraining.co.uk 29'