b'Lotus Biscoff Crumb Cookie Biscuits - AbbracciNatural VermicelliGREENLINE Dark Vermicelli Strandsfor a Blue PlanetLight Choc VermicelliLemon CrunchMalty Balls Milk choc coated Salted Biscuit Grains Mint CrunchRaspberry CrunchBlue SugarShortcakeFudge Mini Pieces Tutti Frutti CrunchProduct Product Name UnitPackedRaspberry Crunch Code Weight (kg) In Pink Sugar Popping Candy Choc CoatedSugar StrandsS16871 Dark Vermicelli Strands 1.1 Pouch S16872 Light Choc Vermicelli 1.1 Pouch S16820 Rainbow Vermicelli 30 BagS16821 Rainbow Vermicelli 6x1.1kg 6 x 1.1kg PouchBlue SparkleS16822 Rainbow Vermicelli 1.1kg 1.1kg Pouch SugarCrunches have flavour and colourS16889 Blue Sparkle (6) 1.5 Pouch Rainbow Non PareilsS16840 Blue Sugar 3 Bag Dinosaurs Mixed SprinklesS16875 Lemon Crunch 1 Pouch Unicorn SprinklesS16815 Meringue Pieces 10 BoxS16869 Meringue Pieces FC 0.7 Pouch ShamrocksS16868 Micro Marshmallows P/W 0.3 PouchS16874 Mint Crunch 1 PouchS16841 Pink Sugar 3 Bag Flamingos Pink & WhiteS16830 Popping Candy 2.5 Bucket Easter Bunnies PinkS16831 Popping Candy Choc Coated 2.5 BucketS16823 Rainbow NON PAREILS 1.5 PouchS16873 Raspberry Crunch 1 PouchS16876 Strawberry Crunch 1 PouchS16877 Tutti Frutti Crunch 1 PouchShapes HalloweenS16880 Dinosaurs Mixed Sprinkles 0.8 PouchS16884 Gingerbread Men Sprinkles 0.8 Pouch Gingerbread Men SprinklesS16881 Flamingos Pink & White 0.8 Pouch Easter Duck YellowS16851 Pink Hearts Edible Spark 17 gram ShakerS16850 Silver Stars Edible Spark 20 gram Shaker Frozen Snow Flakes B/W Christmas TreesS16878 Unicorn Sprinkles 0.8 PouchSeasonalS16890 Christmas Trees 0.8 Pouch Hearts Glimmer PinkS16882 Easter Duck Yellow 0.8 PouchS16883 Easter Bunnies Pink 0.8 PouchS16887 Frozen Snow Flakes B/W 0.8 PouchS16879 Halloween 0.8 PouchS16885 Hearts Glimmer Pink 0.8 PouchNote that products marked as packed in Pouch, are supplied in our compostable pouches as part of our sustainable GREENLINE initiative. S16891 Shamrocks 0.8 PouchSparkly Silver Stars Sparkly Pink Heartswww.antonelli.co.uk|www.icecreamtraining.co.uk 31'