b'Flavour Concentrates The following ten pages are dedicated to flavour concentrates or pastes. Having created an excellent base, achieving wonderful flavoured gelato/ice cream is down to using a concentrate that is beautiful and consistent. We have split our flavour concentrates into separate categories to help you find the flavour you desire: Vanilla, Chocolate Pages 14 & 15 Classics including Toffee & Caramel Pages 16 & 17Fruit Pages 18 & 19 Nuts & Powder Concentrates Pages 20 & 21 Colourful Classics plus our range of Iris Colour and Flavour Essences Pages 22 & 23However if you cannot find the flavour you require, or you would like some advice on which product to select then please talk to your Antonelli Business Relationship Manager or call Customer Service. If you are looking for inspiration why not try one of our Combos available on page 13.In the tables where two pack sizes are available the product code suffix in brackets relates to the kg/unit in brackets e.gA01037 Black Cookie Cream Paste 3kg x 4 andA01037B is Black Cookie Cream Paste 12kg x1.Product Product Name Hot/ColdUnit Unit/ DoseGlutenDairyHalal VeganCode Prep Weight (kg) Box g/kg Free FreeVanilla & CreamyA01037(B) Black Cookie Cream Paste H/C 3 (12) 4 (1) 50KP265 Cream flavor - Rinforza Gusto panna H/C 1 8 15MAI70AJ Cream - Sapor di Panna H/C 1 6 15KPC003P Cream Fior di Latte H/C 3 2 35Logo VEGANOK.pdf 1 20/01/16 08:17 MAJ00AV French Vanilla H/C 3 2 25KPC555P French Vanilla White with seeds H/C 3 2 25 KPC636PB Vanilla Giubileo white H/C 3 2 30KPC517P Vanilla n Gialla (Yellow) H/C 3 2 30KPC533P VaniLlia Tahiti Pasta H/C 3 2 25MAE37BK Vanilla Paste with seeds pale Yellow H/C 3.5 2 25MAJ00AH Vanilla Bourbon H/C 3 2 25A01022 Vanilla with seeds H/C 3 4 15A01011 Vanilla Madagascar Creamy (yellow) H/C 3.5 4 25 High Concentration Vanilla Extracts and EssencesA01030(B) Vanilla ExOMB Organic MadagascanH/C 0.9 (4) 1 1.5BourbonA01023 Vanilla Madagascar Essence no seeds H/C 1 1 1. 5A01029 Vanilla Creamy Essence no seeds H/C 1 1 1. 5A01035(C) Vanilla Seeds SpentH/C 1(0.1) 1 ad libLogo VEGANOK.pdf 1 20/01/16 08:17 Where there are two pack sizes it will appear in brackets in the kg/unit column the code for ordering has the addition of the letter in brackets.Codes starting withVegan certified products.All concentrates are fine cold but benefit from heating the base to 40C. M = MARTINI | K = COMPRITAL | A = GELPRO Giubileo = These lines are often more gentle profiles, being of cleaner label.14 0161 789 4485|orders@antonelli.co.uk'