b"Improvers Improvers are a range of micro products which enable you to develop changes to your final product without re-balancing your recipe. Whether you are looking to increase the thickness, improve the structure, minimise ice crystals or you are aiming for a finer gelato or ice cream these products can help achieve that result. If you are lookingfor an improver which you dont see below then please ask your Antonelli Business Relationship Manager or speak to our Technical Manager.Product Product Name Hot/ColdUnit Unit/ Dose GlutenDairyHalal VeganCode Prep Weight (kg) Box g/kg Free FreeKPF032 Cremolina - Emulsifiers to improve silkinessC 5 1 2and enhance overrun.KPC531P Integra Struttura - Softening paste C 3 2 15MAI70AB Piu' Soft - Especially for fruit flavours, to slowC 3 6 20-40down dripping and improve the structure.KP007A Integra Latte - Stabilizing milk protein C 1 8 15MAI70YB Proteina+ - Gives structure & stability. Use byC 1 6 15substituting part of the skimmed milk powderKP011 Integra Panna - Stabilising veg fat in powder H 1 8 15KP152 Integra Fibre - Vegetal fiber for slower melting C 1 8 15Cremoso+ - Plant sugars & proteins to improve MAI70XB hold and ease scooping of ice cream & sorbetC 2 6 20 -35on display and for a better overrun.KP018A Piugel - To enrich semifreddos. Contains egg C 2 5 60-70A02100 Volumize - Industrial emulsifier E471 H 25 1 1-4.0A02101 Soya Lecithin - Alternative emulsifier E322 C 20 1 0.15-0.45KPF124B Egg Yolk Var Tuorlo vivoC 1.25 6 RecipeOnline TrainingSafe Zone & Consultancy One 2 One SessionsWhen restrictions allow wewill restart One 2 One sessions Recipe development in our AGA in our Safe Zone with: Increased sanitisingMaking advice service for Antonelli customers Face masksSo You Want to MakeDeep cleaning between sessionsGelato Online Strict regulations on entryTechnical support Limit to 2 participants from the same businesstraining@antonelli.co.uk www.icecreamtraining.co.ukCodes starting withM = MARTINI | K = COMPRITAL | A = GELPRO10 0161 789 4485|orders@antonelli.co.uk"