b'Dietary Lines Over recent years we have experienced an increase in demand for Dietary lines. Diet is an ongoing media focus, for a variety of reasons, from special dietary requirements, healthy eating and more recently linked to environmental factors too. As a result the availability of low calorie, no sugar, gluten free, soya and vegan products is ever increasing. Gluten Free and vegan products are noted throughout this brochure - see the corresponding column in the relevantproduct tables. High protein and soya based recipesare available on request. If you are serving your ice cream or gelato directly to consumers you may also be interested in our range of UK made Dietary Cones to present your gelato. Please ask for our brochure on Serving Ice Cream or see our main website for more details. Sugar FreeThe products in the Free category from COMPRITAL are powders which when diluted with water provide a quick and easy solution to making gelato suitable for diabetics and dieters.However the advantage with the this Free selection is they are free from sugars and fats which means they have a low calorie content but with a quality artisan gelato taste. You may have also seen these listed in the Simply Add range on pages 6-7, where you can find other quick to make options.Product Product Name Hot/ColdUnit Unit/ DoseGlutenDairyHalal VeganCode Prep Weight (kg) Box g/kg Free Free Logo VEGANOK.pdf 1 20/01/16 08:17No Added Sugar Flavoured Ice CreamKP316 *"Free" Cacao (chocolate) C 1 10 350KP314 "Free" Limone (lemon) C 1 10 350KP315 *"Free" Vaniglia (white vanilla) C 1 10 350KP778 Speedy Frutta Stevia C 0.9 12 350Doesnt contain aspartame.*Contain lactose.VeganLogo VEGANOK.pdf 1 20/01/16 08:17 For a truly vegan gelato base use either the COMPRITAL Base Vegan KB358 or the MARTINI Super Veg Base MAI70AH. Look out for other vegan certified products denoted by theVegan OK logo. Using these products entitles you to register your gelateria onAntonelli provide specialist veganok.com the official vegan website. Our vegan range is ever increasing, enablingice cream training courses, you to prepare a gelato free from animal products but still maintaining all the qualitiesincluding So You Want to Make of artisanal gelato. As well as the prepared base options, we can help you build a recipeVegan Ice Cream, Secrets about from raw ingredients that suit the profiles and making process you desire. To completeSugars and Facts about Fats your vegan offering serve your vegan gelato in one of our UK made Antonelli Smoothyplus many more. See our dedicated Cones which are also suitable for vegans as well as being the most sustainable waffletraining site for further details, cones in the UK. For large batches (30L+) ask our technical team for a recipe.course dates and online bookingFor flavours and ripples select from the extensive range of vegan suitable options.www.icecreamtraining.co.uk. Product Product Name Hot/ColdUnit Unit/ DoseGlutenDairyHalal VeganCode Prep Weight (kg) Box g/kg Free FreeVegan Base Mixes KP374C Vegan Chocolate Base H 1.5 6 420MAI70AH Base Superveg C 2 6 140KB358 Base Vegan 1.3kg C 1.3 8 336KB087 Vegetalia (vegan vanilla base) C 2.5 4 350A02014 Unigel 50 C 2.5 4 35This extensive range of Simply Add mixes delivers a creamy Italian style product.Codes starting withM = MARTINI | K = COMPRITAL | A = GELPRO12 0161 789 4485|orders@antonelli.co.uk'