b'GELPROAs experts in ice cream,we invest,inspire and innovate.Innovation is the founding spirit of COMPRITAL, a high quality gelato creator based in the heart of northern Italy.With over 30 years in the industry COMPRITAL is considered as the chefs choice, known for using innovative processes and natural ingredients to create products for the artisan gelato maker.If you are keen on eliminating artificial ingredients then ask us about the Giubileo range of products from COMPRITAL which is the most natural product range available on the market.Giubileo products have no artificial flavours, no emulsifiers and use grape sugar, which is the only sugar to naturally occur in a liquid form.Well established in the food sector since its foundation by Luciano Martini, the business has recently added more top Italian gelato development chefs to their team, who are briefed to improve and innovate the Martini Gelato Lina products for gelato and ice cream. In 2022 MARTINI mark their 50th anniversary which will be celebrated by the completion of the Gelato Lina re-development. What is their target? Simple, to be the best in the World. MARTINIs parent company Unigra is globally renowned for: nut, vegetable fats and chocolate products, this gives many advantages to their gelato/ice products, not least great buying power. GELPROOur GELPRO range dovetails with the partner brands, developed by Antonelli specifically to fill gaps in product offering. Launched at Harrogate in 2020, it has since been extensively expanded providing comparable product to higher cost options which we have removed. Flavour profiles, acidity, intensity and cost are matched specifically to the requirements of businesses making for the UK market. The GELPRO range is produced by specialist manufacturers in Italy and further afield to the exacting specifications of Antonelli. GELPRO is not a brand where products are comparable; industrial ripples suitable for high volume ice creams made on continuous, sit beside highest quality artisan products.ServingIce CreamconesCOMPRITAL, MARTINI and GELPRO product ranges decorationswork alongside each other, giving all customers, servingfrom continuous and batch to artisan and wholesale,a single supplier option. If you are looking for ice cream cones or decorations please ask for our Serving Ice Cream brochure.0161 789 4485 | orders@antonelli.co.uk | www.antonelli.co.uk February 2020 1www.antonelli.co.ukwww.antonelli.co.uk|www.icecreamtraining.co.uk 3'