b"If you are looking to make gelato for a mans best friend, use Comprital Speed Stevia KP778. This is another Simply Add product which means it is quick and easy to create a special treat for our beloved pets. Dog friendly ice cream recipe suggestions are available Making Dog Friendly Ice Cream from your Antonelli Business Relationship Manager. Product Product Name Hot/ColdUnit Unit/ DoseGlutenDairyHalal VeganCode Prep Weight (kg) Box g/kg Free FreeLow Glycaemic Index and Dog Ice Cream KP778 Frutta Stevia base no added sugars C 0.9 12 250This product can be used without added sugars to make a sorbet with a lot of fresh fruit, but with low-calories and glycaemic index, if not with fruit for thier natural fructose, we can add fructose separately or use sugar substitutes.KB168Rice and soya base C 1.25 8 350The combination of rice and soya, presents a gelato with clean and fresh taste without sucrose sugar, gluten and milk, withonly a few calories and a low glyceric index and easy to prepare. A02003 Sugar Free Base 10.9kgH 10.9 1 350+23 litres waterCombos Antonellis Technical Team (see Page 5) has created a select range of Combos providing you with pastes and ripple combinations which you can order using a single code.All you need to do is then add these to your usual base, making new flavours and recipe creation easier and quicker.Below we describe each of our Combos.Combo boxes contain all you need to add to your base, along with a recipe card. They are NEW for 2021. Further details are at www.antonelli.co.uk or ask your Business Relationship Manager. Product Product Name Description Whats in the boxCodeA05080 Bellini Combo Peach & Prosecco Sorbet. Make it fresh and keep it well. Sorbet Base, Prosecco Concentrate Perfect for those balmy cabinet days of summer. & Peach PasteA05003 Biscoff Combo The now classic blend of Creamy caramel and cinnamonBiscoff Paste, Biscoff Ripple & with a hint of gingerBiscoff CrumbA05002 Carrot CakeThe quintessential British afternoon dessert, sweet and lightMartini Biscuit + Caramel Paste, Cinnamon Combo spicy cake base with a sweet white covering. paste, Lush White, Nutmeg & Ginger variantA05004 StrawberryThis fruity and colourfull combo we recommend to beQuark 50, Strawberry Variegato & Salted Cheesecake Combo presented cremino style, for tips ask Jonny Gelato. Biscuit CrumbA05005 Cookies & CrmeIs this an American invention? Wherever its origins lie its aCream Paste, Black Choc Ripple with Biscuit Combo timeless Black and white impulse for all the family. Crumb & Cookie & CreamA05006 Creme Egg Combo It's sweet, yummy and not just for Easter when its this good.Cream Paste, Egg Yolk Ripple & Milk Bright yolk and milk chocolate through a creamy base. Chocolate covering A05007 Dulce de LecheNot toffee, nor caramel, its something in between. ItsDulce de Leche paste and Dulce de Leche Combo exclusive dry texture on the palate is simply unique. variegatoA05008 MarshmallowIts simple and sweet light pink base with a rich creamy PinkMarshmallow Concentrate, Marshmallow Combo ripple. Decorate with those favourite sweets of all children Ripple & Micro Mashmallow A05001 Marz AttacksBest new flavour 2011. Its got everything sticky toffee andCocao Mix, Toffee Variegato & Milk Combo sweet milky choc centre with a bite of Chocolate covering. Chocolate covering A05014 Malteezer Combo Miss Malty to your white base, seed with milk choc coveredLushMaltease, Milk Chocolate covering & crunchy balls and lavish with Milk Choc ripple. Malty BallsA05009 Pavlova Combo If ever simple was effective this is it. Meringue drizzled Meringue Paste, Raspberry Variegato & with red fruit is the perfect summer gelato presentation.Meringue GrainsA05010 Roche Combo Indulge customers with this decadent combo of Hazelnut,Gianduia Amara, Conquistador & Hazelnut chocolate and wafer. Do they really deserve it though? GrainsA05011 Sneakers Combo If you like peanuts you will love this creamy nut base withPeanut paste, Mr P Nutty & Roasted Peanut toffee and Chocolate. Simply yummy!NibsA05012 Trix Combo Chocolate and toffee through a light biscuit base. Biscuit paste, Toffee Variegato & Salted Another of the trendy confectionary snack ideas. Biscuit CrumbA05003 Unicorn Combo A favourite with young boys and girls alike. When they askBaby Blue paste, Unicorn paste & Unicorn what flavour it is, tell them its what dreams taste like.sprinkesA05013 Whisky ComboEven if you dont like whisky so much you will enjoy thisWhisky Paste & Whisky Variegatocombination of spirit and Mint. Denotes product contains alcohol.www.antonelli.co.uk|www.icecreamtraining.co.uk 13"