b'Lush Style Cream RipplesWe are pleased to introduce our Lush and Smart Cream Ripples range, which is more extensive than ever before.It includes the Monella range from COMPRITAL,These versatile products can be used to give an intense ripple the Brunella family from MARTINIto your gelato like a variegati or as a sauce for your sundaes and waffles. as well as our own GELPRO LushThe smoothness of these cream ripples mean they are also ideal for creating Cremino style gelato.When served at room temperature the products selection. Smart means can itrun fluidly allowing for good distribution of the intense flavours.However when be used to flavour the base asserved cold they do not set solid and maintain their structure and smooth well as a ripple. creamy texture.As well as the classic chocolate & hazelnut, caramel, pistachio and chocolate flavours, we also have some new fruit cream ripples with no artificial flavours.Also look out for the cream ripples with added crunch and pieces.Product Product NameSmart Unit Unit/ GlutenDairyHalal Kosher VeganCode (all dosages to suit taste) Weight (kg) Box Free FreeCreamy VariegatiMAX43MI Caramel Brunella Caramello 5 1 KPF293P Caramel Monello2.5 2 A03005 Caramel Lush Ripple5 1 A03008 Booeno Lush Sweet Ripple 14%12 1 A01040 Cherry Crazy paste & variegato Y 3.5 4 MAX43AU Creamy Hazelnut 18% Brunella Y 5 1 MAX43MN Milky Hazelnut Brunella Y 5 1 A03006 Creamy Hazelnut Lush Rich Ripple Y 5 1 KPC751 Dark Choc Monella Fondente3 2 MAX43MC Dark Choc Brunella Fondente5A03004 Dark Chocolate Fondent Lush 5MAJ01AA Dulche di Leche Cream Var.3 2 KPF124B Egg Yolk Var Tuorlo vivo (glass jar)1.25 6 MAX43MB Hazelnut 10% & Choc Brunella Premium Y 5 1 MAX43OA Hazelnut 12% & ChocBrunella Top Y 5 1 A03007 Hazelnut 10% & Choc NuttyElla LushY 5 1 MAX43MG Gianduja 9% Brunella Y 5 1 MAX43OB Gianduja 13% Brunella Vegan Y 5 1 KPF924A Gianduja MonellaY 5 2 KPC696 Gianduja MonellaVegan Y 3 2 MAX43MH Lemon Brunella Y 5 1 A03009 Marshmallow Lush3 4 MAX43MD Milk Chocolate Brunella Latte e Cacao Y 5 1 KPC749 Milk choc Monella Latte Y 3 2 MAX43MJ Orange Brunella Arancia Y 5 1 MAX43ME Pistachio 20% Brunella Pistachio Y 5 1 KPC752 Pistachio Monella Pistachio Y 3 2 MAX43MF Strawberry Brunella Fragola Y 5 1 Logo VEGANOK.pdf 1 20/01/16 08:17 KPC528P Toffee Mou sticky but not to thick3 2 Logo VEGANOK.pdf 1 20/01/16 08:17 KPF929 White Choc MonellaBianca Y 2.5 2KPC723 White Choc Monella Bianca Vegan Y 3 2 Logo VEGANOK.pdf 1 20/01/16 08:17MAX43MA White Choc Brunella Bianca Y 5 1 A03003 White Choc - Lush Ripple Y 5 1KPC524P Whisky 3 2 Logo VEGANOK.pdf 1 20/01/16 08:17Codes starting withM = MARTINI | K = COMPRITAL | A = GELPRO Denotes certified vegan products.Denotes product contains alcohol.28 0161 789 4485|orders@antonelli.co.uk'