b'Variegati We call it a Variegato (singular, variegati plural) when its a thick luscious ripple or a ripple with pieces. Lush is used for ripples that are thick and creamy.Ripple on its own is reserved for a Topping Syrup in a bottle or smooth product suitable for most ripple pumps. Stracciatella are those products that you drizzle on when warmed setting hard when frozen.For our full range of Topping Syrups ask your Business Relationship Manager for our Serving Brochure.The ingredients are balanced to ensure they maintain their texture to match the ice cream. To learn more about decoration techniques ask us about our specific training courses held at the Antonelli Gelato Academy www.icecreamtraining.co.uk.Product Product NameFruitUnit Unit/ GlutenDairyHalal Kosher VeganCode (all dosages to suit taste) Feed Weight (kg) Box Free FreeChocolate VariegatiMAX43MY Milk Chocolate Brunella Crok withY 5 1 Puffed riceMAX43MQ Hazelnut Brunella with vanillaY 5 1 biscuitsMAX43HI Roche Crema Conquistador withY 3 1 HazelnutsA03020 Roche Ambassadore Lush withY 3 1 hazelnutsKPC722 Gianduja Monella Lampone with 3 2 Raspberry piecesKPF127P White chocolate and Coconut 2.5 2 Delizia di CoccoKPC056P Chocolate with wafer biscuitY 2.5 2 Logo VEGANOK.pdf 1 20/01/16 08:17 pieces Choco CrunchKPC703 Milk Chocolate Crunch with riceY 2.5 2Choco RiceKPC702 White Choc Crunch with riceY 2.5 2 Choco Rice BiancoKPC679P Chocolate Dark rippling sauce Di 3 2 Knam Product Product NameHeatedUnit Unit/ GlutenDairyHalal Kosher VeganCode (all dosages to suit taste) Pumps Weight (kg) Box Free FreeChocolate Coatings Variegati Perfect for Stick Ice Cream Heat to useMAX43AF Dark 15% Straciatella sticks Y 5MAX43AS Dark Choc Ricop.Pinguini sticks Y 5 MAX43HE Lemon Ricop.Pinguini sticks Y 3MAX43HF Pistachio Ricop.Pinguini sticks Y 3 MAX43HD Strawberry Ricop.Pinguini sticks Y 3Logo VEGANOK.pdf 1 20/01/16 08:17Codes starting withM = MARTINI | K = COMPRITAL | A = GELPRO Denotes certified vegan products.24 0161 789 4485|orders@antonelli.co.uk'