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Antonelli is the only UK manufacturer of waffle cones.which means less food miles, less handling and ultimately less breakages.

Our signature waffle cones are our Smoothy® waffle cones, which can also be made bespoke to your brand by ordering personalised waffle cones. Have a look at our selection of waffle cones varying in sizes from the Rimini waffle cone to the Smoothy® Vesuvio waffle cone, depending on how many scoops or how much spatula ice cream serving you wish to offer per waffle cone. The reason that Antonelli waffle cones taste so good is because our roots are in biscuit making, so our waffle cones taste great even without ice cream, as Sue Perkins confirmed on her visit to see our waffle cones being made with the BBC, read more. If you are interested in reading more about waffle cones, wafer cones and sugar cones and the discussion about which to offer see our waffle cone blog.

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Smoothy® Cassino Waffle Cone

Smoothy highball

Smoothy® High Ball (128) Waffle Cone

Smooth milano

Smoothy® Milano Waffle Cone

Smoothy roma

Smoothy® Roma Waffle Cone

Smoothy twist

Smoothy® Twist® (180) Waffle Cone

Smoothy twist

Smoothy® Twist® (81) Waffle Cone


Smoothy® Vesuvio Waffle Cone

Torch cone web

Torch Sugar Cones


Torino Waffle Cone


Verona Waffle Cone

Welsh Smoothy Twist

Welsh Smoothy Twist® Waffle Cone