Sugar Cones

Antonelli first introduced sugar cone production to the UK in the 1960s and remain the UK leaders in producing these fresh and crisp cones.

All our sugar cones are made in the UK at our bakery in Manchester, which means reduced food miles for all our UK customers than with those products being imported from Europe. Less food miles is not only good for the environment and the UK economy, but also better for the cones and our customers as less handling means less breakages.

Customers select different sugar cones depending on the size of cone required and the taste prefered. If you are looking for a 'Rich Tea' biscuity taste then the Sugaco® is the cone for you, but if you like a higher bake with a more 'Digestive' like taste then the Twist® is the answer. The Mini Twist® is the smaller version of the latter for those with smaller appetites, whilst the Torch cone is one for the whole family to share - the challenge being how many scoops of ice cream you can fit in one Torch cone - an opportunity for the family to try a large selection of flavours. Finally in the Antonelli sugar cone range we have the Sample Cone which is ideal for serving tasters or your gelato or ice cream either as part of a trio of desserts, to accompany a coffee or to taste a new flavour. Gluten Free and Organic sugar cones are also available. Retail packs for your customers to take home are also listed along with sleeved cones.

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Gluten Free Twist® Retail Pack - Sugar Cones

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