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Antonelli is the only UK manufacturer of waffle cones. Waffle cones are so called due to their 'waffle' effect making an attractive cone to serve your ice cream or gelato. With our heritage in biscuit making our waffle cones really do taste good - even on their own! Our range of waffle cones includes 5 different sizes depending on the number of scoops you wish to serve. For something different and to catch your customers' eye why not try the Harley Cone available as a Torino or Medium Waffle. If you are looking for smooth waffle cones you need our Smoothy Waffle Cones.

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Asti Waffle Cone

Atina Waffle Cone

Harley Cone Medium Waffle

Harley Cone Waffle Torino

Medium Waffle Cone

Rimini Waffle Cone

Torino Waffle Cone

Verona Waffle Cone