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Antonelli Sleeves for Ice Cream Cones

A sleeve is a welcome addition to protect your ice cream cones, add an extra splash of colour and also is perceived by many consumers as a more hygienic way of serving a cone. Hygiene has never been higher in the consumers mind than it is now. Antonelli provides a range of standard paper sleeves for ice cream cones, which are compatible with specific cones. The main style are “Pink & Blue” or “Pink & White”. Other design options may also be available. If you would like to design your own cone sleeves to give your brand a boost do get in touch, the minimum quantity is only 15,000.

NEW - Sleeves now available to purchase separately contact us.

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Personalised Ice Cream Cones Sleeves

Sleeved Medium Waffle Cone

Sleeved Smoothy® Cassino Waffle Cone

Sleeved Smoothy® Twist® Waffle Cone

Sleeved Sonny® Wafer Cone

Sleeved Sugaco®

Sleeved Twist® Sugar Cones