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The Antonelli Smoothy® Waffle cones, are as the name suggests, a smooth waffle cone and the only ones to be manufactured in the UK, which means less food miles, less handling and less breakages. In our bakery we make a range of sizes of Smoothy® waffle cones from tall slim, elegant cones such as the High Ball Waffle Cone to wide cones like the Vesuvio Waffle Cone depending on how many scoops you wish to serve. However, it's the Smoothy® Twist® Waffle Cone that is one of our most popular lines. Due to their smooth finish these waffle cones are ideal for personalisation to extend your branding.

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Black Smoothy® Twist® Waffle Cone

Cinnamon Waffle Cone


Organic Smoothy® Cassino Waffle Cone

Organic Smoothy Casino Retail Pack for Website

Organic Smoothy® Retail Pack Waffle Cones

Smoothy roma

Organic Smoothy® Roma Waffle Cone

Scottish Smoothy Twist® Waffle Cone

Smoothy Twist® Retail Pack Waffle Cones

Smoothy® Cassino Waffle Cone

Smoothy® High Ball (128) Waffle Cone

Smoothy® Milano Waffle Cone

Smoothy® Roma Waffle Cone

Smoothy® Twist® (180) Waffle Cone