Take away products which are highly visible to other consumers provide an opportunity for brand exposure. Seizing this chance we offer our customers a range of personalisation options.

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Personalisation and Branding

As well as stock design sleeves for a range of our UK made cones, we can also provide your own personalised sleeves, further extending your company branding around your local area. Some of our customers also like to use sleeves for serving cones as an extra hygiene measure.

If you prefer though you can also brand the cones themselves, using our UK made Smoothy® waffle cones. In our bakery in Manchester we have a unique printing process using edible ink, which allows us to offer customers bespoke personalised cones. The Antonelli Smoothy® cone is ideal for printing your company name or logo on, to further your brand development, setting your ice cream at a level of quality above your competition. Contact us to discuss your requirements. For those looking for a regional or alternative stock print see also our Welsh Smoothy® Twist® and Scottish Smoothy® Twist® which feature a dragon and thistle respectively or our Gelato Smoothy® Twist® for use with those serving approved gelato recipes.

Antonelli Personalised Waffle Cones

Printed Wafers

Printed personalised wafers are very popular for extending your branding on tasty wafer discs which we make in our bakery in Manchester. They can be served with coffee, in ice cream or gelato or with other desserts. We also supply printed wafers for particular events. There are no minimum run or origination costs for ordering printed wafer discs so long as you are also ordering Antonelli ice cream cones or Martini, Comprital & GELPRO ingredients & flavours for making ice cream. For special events such as weddings ask your venue or caterer to contact us.

Look out for our friendly bear printed wafers too - Mr Ted and Miss Cutey.