HoneyCone & BISCONEY™

Here you will find our classic decoration - the HoneyCone and our new BISCONEY™ decorated cones. Both these are first dipped in dark chocolate flavour coating, then rolled in either honey comb pieces giving the HoneyCone a sweet crunch or a Lotus style biscuit crumb for the BISCONEY. Both of which you will find complement your ice cream or gelato and add that extra luxury treat.

Please note that where the product images shows the top of the cone to demonstrate the decoration, this is displayed on a Torino waffle cone. To see what the actual cone looks like see the plain version in the relevant category eg. a Sugaco® cone can be viewed in the Sugar Cones category listing and a Rimini in the Waffle Cones listing. If you have any other questions please contact us or ask your Antonelli Business Relationship Manager.

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BISCONEY™ Waffle Cone

HoneyCone Medium Waffle Cone

HoneyCone Rimini Waffle Cone

HoneyCone Smoothy® Cassino Waffle Cone

HoneyCone Smoothy® High Ball Waffle Cone

HoneyCone Smoothy® Milano Waffle Cone

HoneyCone Smoothy® Roma Waffle Cone

HoneyCone Smoothy® Twist® Waffle Cone

HoneyCone Sugaco® Sugar Cone

HoneyCone Torino Waffle Cone

HoneyCone Twist® Sugar Cone

HoneyCone Verona Waffle Cone