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Why buy your waffle cones, sugar cones and wafer cones from Antonelli?

Antonelli Stand out from the crowd when it comes to ice cream cones. As the only UK based ice cream cone manufacturer to make waffle cones, wafer cones and sugar cones as well as the unique Antonelli Smoothy® waffle cones, we are the UK experts in the industry. Family owned & run for four generations, ice cream retailers are turning to Antonelli for choice, taste, low prices and delivery without breakages, just like the old days. Let’s examine these key factors in more detail…

Choice of Waffle Cones, Sugar Cones & Wafer Cones

When you manufacture your own cones in house and you have done for decades you have the privilege of being able to offer customers the sizes and styles of cones that they want. With half a dozen different cones in each category, we have the ability to offer, small cones for small hands, tall slim cones, shorter wider cones, standard medium cones as well as large wide cones. In fact we have so many that you may find our range a little overwhelming at first, but we can help you to decide which selection of cones you would like to stock.

Our Sales Managers travel around the UK visiting customers, many of whom we have known for many decades. Their aim is to build relationships with all our customers; old and new; wholesalers, retailers, ice cream makers, farmers and gelaterias alike. At Antonelli we take pride in being at the end of the telephone for our customers and being able to help them with flavour and recipe ideas as well as cone selection.

Taste of Waffle Cones, Sugar Cones & Wafer Cones

Originally our Italian ancestors started the family business in Manchester making biscuits, so it is no wonder that our cones taste so good. In fact they are so good that some people have been known to choose to eat them on their own. Our wafer cones are fresh and crisp and light, whilst our sugar cones are more akin to the taste of a rich tea biscuit. The Antonelli Smoothy® Twist® waffle cone has recently been described as “the best tasting cone I have ever had”, and that from a lady whose family has been making ice cream for 100 years. Our cones are so good that we even sell them in Italy.

Low Prices & Delivery without Breakages

With the uncertainty about our relationship with Europe following Brexit and the recent triggering of Article 50, we are noticing a greater price fluctuation on ice cream cones in the market, as some suppliers need to compensate for the increasing costs of bringing cones in from outside the UK. Very few people we have talked to recently at a number of local exhibitions across the UK realised that Antonelli are the only baker of waffle cones in the UK, and when you consider that the cones are delivered to your door direct from our bakery it’s no surprise that you just don’t get the breakages that happen when others are shipping cones across half of Europe.

See our full range of waffle cones, wafer cones and sugar cones. Alternatively talk to your Antonelli Sales Manager or call the office on 0843 515 1912.

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Posted on 12 April 2017 Category Waffle Cones

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