New Packaging for Antonelli


Anonelli Ice cream ingredients packaging

In an exciting new phase of their business following a long history of primary market developments, Antonelli are redesigning their packaging. As part of a wider rebranding exercise, Antonelli are starting to introduce their striking new packaging designs into their warehouse in preparation for next seasons deliveries. You will definitely know when you have ordered from Antonelli now with the blue and magenta boxes clearly labelled with the product name and type, gradually being introduced across the range as stocks run out.

"We are excited about our new look and brand, explained Mark Antonelli, Sales & Technical Director, it is an emotive decision to rebrand, especially when it is your own name, but we are keen to show the market that we are progressive and we are ready to build onwards and upwards." Looking back over the years Antonelli have been pioneers in the market on several occasions, first introducing sugar cone production to the UK then waffle cones and many varieties of these have been developed over the years since. Today Antonelli are moving forward technologically with their new branding tying in with the launch of this new website. "We want to continue to serve our customers at the highest level and feel now is the time to provide an enhanced service through our website" continues Mark Antonelli. Customer service is at the heart of our business.

Posted on 08 February 2015 Category Company

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