Waffle Cones, Wafer Cones, Sugar Cones - Which Cones?


Customers often ask us which cones they should offer. Traditionally wafer cones were what was expected and in the past there really wasn’t another cone alternative. Over the past 25 years consumers have become more familiar with the waffle cone as an option, especially when buying artisan ice cream, in fact most people now ask for waffle cones. However there is no hard and fast rule about which type of cones you should stock and how many sizes or varieties. It all depends on your customer demographic and local market, and on a practical level, your storage space.

That probably doesn’t really help you to decide which cones to select though, does it? Let’s take a closer look at each category separately; waffle cones, wafer cones and sugar cones to give you an insight into which cones are the most popular…

Which wafer cones?

In the 1960s we used to make and sell truck loads of wafer cones daily. Now whilst we still produce wafer cones on a large scale, they are not in as high demand as they once were. We find that demand for Antonelli wafer cones is split:

  1. Customers are looking for the lowest cost option where quality matters less.
  2. A low cost option is desired or a traditional cone is needed but where quality is still important. Often we are told “We don’t sell many wafer cones.” The difference between the cheaper ones and Antonelli quality wafer cone is not even one penny” - our response therefore is “So why compromise?”

The favourites for our customers are the Sonny®, Mr Coney®, and of course our relatively new to the range, children’s wafer cone Cheeky Monkey®. Each of these are actually one scoop cones. If you are offering a soft serve then Mr Coney® will take a modest portion but is also suitable for a larger portion. If you wish to provide a much larger option, the King Coney® might be one to stock as well. You can see our full range of wafer cones for more options. Wafer cones are generally most popular with traditional seaside resorts and mobilers.

Why sugar cones?

For those who are a little confused about what a sugar cone actually is, here is a quick explanation. Sugar cones look a bit like a standard waffle cone due to the ‘embossed grid’ or ‘waffle’ effect and in fact the ingredients are indeed very similar. However because of the subtle variants in the recipe from a waffle cone and the process used for baking these cones, they are actually quite different in taste. They are rolled like the waffle cones but sugar cones have ‘flat tops’ so look more machine made. The stronger top lip makes for a more robust cone which makes them ideal for those who are renowned for accidentally breaking their cones (whether moving them around the store room or serving) or for outlets which are very busy and required to handle cones quickly. Our most popular selling sugar cone is the Sugaco® although the Twist® being a little smaller enables a more modest portion to still look good value. This year we introduced a “Tall Sugar Cone” which as its name suggests is a taller version giving your ice cream extra height. Our Sugar cones are all single scoop cones so it’s a matter of what size scoop you use and how you want it to look. If you wish to put two scoops - one on top of the other then you should use the “Tall Sugar” or alternatively use the Verona Waffle.

Waffle cones made in the UK

Antonelli is the only ice cream cone manufacturer to make waffle cones in the UK. Waffle cones have a natural finish to the top and a large engraved grid pattern, this is due to the baking process used in their production, making them look more artisan. In fact we have two types of waffle cones in a range of different scoop sizes and heights. Our standard waffle cone range, of which the Torino is our most popular, features the waffle engraving on the cone.

Made to be the most premium ice cream cone and the pride of our bakery, the unique Antonelli Smoothy® waffle cone range is smooth on the outside. Again because single servings are most prolific, our leading seller in this range is the Smoothy® Twist®. Waffle cones are selected particularly when serving home made artisan ice cream or gelato to provide the full artisan effect.

For added differentiation you could introduce one or two of our decorated cones range. Alternatively you could try the Harley Cone which has the eye-catching effect of a decorated cone without the more expensive decoration pieces. The multicoloured Harley Cone is available as a standard waffle cone in Medium (two plus scoop) or Torino (single scoop). Antonelli also manufacture black waffle cones, often used at Halloween or just to be cool!

If you are still unsure about which of our UK made cones to choose and would like to discuss it with us, either ask your Business Relationship Manager who will probably be familiar with your region or give us a call on 0161 789 4485.

Read more about sugar cones here

Posted on 09 October 2019 Category Waffle Cones

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