Personalised Waffle Cones


Personalised waffle cones - extend your branding

Did you know that you can personalise Antonelli Smoothy® waffle cones with your brand, logo or company name? At the Antonelli bakery we use edible inks to print your design onto our Smoothy® waffle cones providing customers with their very own personalised waffle cones.

Personalised Waffle Cones for the Connoisseur

The Antonelli family has been making biscuits and ice cream cones in the UK for over 105 years. When the Chairman and current directors’ father set up the manufacturing unit he and his brothers decided they would never compromise on quality and would always make ‘Cones for the Connoisseur’. Our UK family business, with an Italian heritage, continues to lead the way in the quality manufacture of all kinds of ice cream cones from our Manchester bakery. The only manufacturer in the UK to make waffle cones, we boast the uniquely UK made Smoothy® waffle cone range. As they are waffle cones, they have that 'biscuity' and luxurious taste, but have a smooth finish on the outside rather than the usual squared waffle effect. This smooth texture allows us to provide our customers with personalised waffle cones, meaning you can extend your branding outside your gelateria or ice cream parlour.

Why would you ask for personalised waffle cones?

How many times have you walked along a promenade at the seaside or negotiated a busy town centre on a hot day and looked enviously at someone else’s ice cream, wondering where they bought it? As an ice cream seller, how great would it be if all those customers buying your ice cream or gelato left your gelateria or parlour advertising exactly where to buy this delicious treat? By using personalised waffle cones your business name or logo will be on show for all to see so everyone will know where to buy their ice cream. What’s more it is not just in the local area or on the pavement outside your shop where your name will be on show. With the increasing cultural need to post images of food and activities on social media, you can bet that your personalised cones will find fame across social media platforms as customers post images of rewards for surviving the hot weather. How many of your customers already post images of their ice cream on their Instagram accounts or Twitter feed or Facebook page or send it to their friends on Snapchat? Imagine how much greater the impact for your business if all those images had your logo on show too?

Find out more information on our personalised waffle cones or, talk to your Business Relationship Manager or simply ask one of our customer service team by calling 0161 789 4485.

Posted on 08 July 2019 Category Waffle Cones

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