New waffle cones - Smoothy® with a twist and a new decorated Torino


Yes the rumours are true, our Antonelli production team has been busy again in our Manchester bakery creating, not one but two new waffle cones. The Cinnamon Waffle Cone might initially look like a Smoothy® Twist® but in fact it is not! This new waffle cone from Antonelli is more similar to a Lotus biscuit in taste, with that delicious cinnamon flavour and crunch, perfect for the festive season. You will see on closer inspection that it has a darker, richer colour than a Smoothy® Twist® as well. We have been tasting it with different flavours of ice cream and gelato and think it goes particularly well with all vanilla or creamy flavours like whiskey cream and chocolate nutty flavours or even coffee ice cream. You may find it goes well with all your flavours. Once you have tried them let us know what your customers say about the new Antonelli Cinnamon Waffle Cone. It is your desires that drive our development of new products.

Decorated Torino waffle cone

Our other new cone is a decorated waffle cone. Using the ever popular Torino we have created another decoration option, again based on the current popularity in the market for the Lotus style biscuit. The BISCONEY™ is a Torino waffle cone dipped in dark chocolate flavour coating and then rolled in biscuit crumb with a hint of cinnamon. A fabulous luxury cone to offer your customers at this time of year. It is a wonderful way to present your artisan ice cream and gelato, leaving a delicious taste in the mouth right down to the last mouthful. We are finding that the BISCONEY™ is particularly popular with those wishing to replace nuts in this age of avoidance of allergens.

So which new waffle cone will you choose to add to your next order ready for your festive flourish? Let us know how they go down with your customers and what you like about these new waffle cones. It has been reported that some even eat these cones on their own or to accompany a coffee, they taste that good!

If you would like to find out more about these waffle cones talk to your Antonelli Business Relationship Manager or simply add a box to your next order and taste them for yourself! We are confident that you will enjoy them. We would also like to hear which flavours you are serving with your Cinnamon Waffle Cone and BISCONEY™ waffle cones so do get in touch and let us know. You can email us on You can find our full range of waffle cones and decorated cones on our product pages.

NB. You may have noticed that we have removed the image of the Lotus biscuit, which was displayed with our new Cinnamon Cone and BISCONEY™ Waffle Cones. We originally used the image to draw attention to our new cones’ similarity in taste to this famous biscuit. We are aware that Lotus Biscoff ® is registered to their bakery in Belgium. For clarity there are no Lotus Biscoff ® crumbs used for the decoration of the BISCONEY™ cone, but it does have a a similar taste. The best thing is probably if you just try them yourself, but do let us know what you and your customers think about the taste of these new waffle cones.

Posted on 19 November 2019 Category Waffle Cones

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