Rainbow waffle cones go head to head


This season, as we have previously highlighted there are definite trends in the market for colour. At Antonelli we have noted particular interest in some of our multicoloured, rainbow waffle cones. In fact our customers have helped us to rename one of our decorated cones, previously known as the Tricolore waffle cone. Following in house product development of this particular decorated waffle cone, using more subtle coloured sherbet, it has been likened to the popular unicorn gelato colours. This lead to it being rebranded as the ‘Unicone’.

Our Unicones are flying out of the warehouse (maybe they do have some of that unicorn magic?) and proving popular with gelaterias and wholesalers across the UK” reports Mark Antonelli, Sales & Technical Director.

For those of you who have yet to try the Unicone it is an Antonelli UK made Torino waffle cone, dipped in white chocolate flavour coating then rolled in pink and blue sherbet. This gives it the appearance of being pink, white and blue striped.

Our other big news on the multicoloured waffle cone front, as you will no doubt have already seen featured on our home page, is the brand new Harley Cone, which is a plain waffle cone with an added patchwork of colours. Designed in house and made in our factory in Manchester, this is a unique multicoloured UK made waffle cone. As these two cones have both taken off in the market simultaneously there seems to be some confusion for some of our customers. Therefore we thought we would provide a clear list of features for these cones so everyone is clear about what they are ordering…

So as you can see there are lots of reasons why you and your customers might enjoy both the Unicone and the Harley Cone. We are not suggesting you should buy one above the other as only you know your market demographic. If your customers might be interested in rainbows and unicorns why not add a bit of extra Antonelli magic to your next order? You could trial one box of Unicone Torinos and one box of Harley Cone Mediums, so you have small and large portions covered with the latest Antonelli UK made multicoloured cones.

For other classic multicoloured waffle cones and coloured cones look out for the following from our decorated range; Fun, EM & EMs, Tropical and Cotton Candy. For further information on case sizes and cone dimensions see the appropriate cone product pages, speak to your Business Relationship Manager or call Customer Service on 0161 789 4485.

Posted on 02 May 2019 Category Waffle Cones

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