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Antonelli is the UK's leading ice cream cone manufacturer, producing the widest range of wafer, sugar and waffle cones made in house. We pride ourselves on making 'Cones for the Connoisseur' and the high quality and freshness of our cones, the only way to serve ice cream! In addition to the wide range of plain cones we also produce dipped and decorated varieties. Also look out for our special dietary cones and personalised options.

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Dipped Smoothy® High Ball Waffle Cone

Dipped Smoothy® Milano Waffle Cone

Dipped Smoothy® Roma Waffle Cone

Dipped Smoothy® Twist® Waffle Cone

Dipped Smoothy® Vesuvio Waffle Cone

Dipped Sonny® Wafer Cone

Dipped Sugaco® Sugar Cone

Dipped Torino Waffle Cone

Dipped Verona Waffle Cone

EM & EM Torino Waffle Cone

Fun Diddy® Wafer Cone

Fun Medium Waffle Cone