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As we leave summer behind and begin our preparations for the busy Autumn and Winter months ahead, there are plenty of ways in which you can grow that crucial demand for your brand during what could be considered a ‘slower’ period for the ice cream industry.

Considering your customer base

There are countless reasons why an adult would buy an ice cream (aside from it being a tasty treat!); whether it’s cooling down during a hot day (very relevant during this particular September), socialising or even celebrating special occasions.

Above all, both adults and children alike will typically visit an ice cream parlour and treat themselves to an ice cream as a form of reward, and therefore we should make the experience as special as possible.

Identifying those key flavours that you know you customer base enjoys year-round, as well as introducing seasonal, limited edition and even trending flavours will cater for everyone. Keep up to date with these key flavour trends by following us on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Training from the ice cream experts

Of course, discovering new trends in ice cream and putting this into practice within your parlour are two very different things. We are approached by ice cream businesses daily with questions on how best to source, produce, store and market their ice cream product; as a result, for a number of years now, we have run our ice cream training courses for businesses throughout the UK.

Courses include tutorials on more specific trends such as ‘Cocktails and sorbet’ and bespoke one-to-one sessions. You can view our upcoming courses here.


Better understanding of demand enables better forecasting of stock and staff costs, which improves cash flow and reduces costs. You can also lower prices by buying in larger quantities when it's relevant, and topping up with smaller amounts when necessary. A few small items with delivery costs to top up doesn't need to increase your overall material cost that much over the whole year compared to the cost saving of buying the majority at lower cost.

What are your plans for growing demand in your business this autumn? We’d love to hear from you! Contact our team today by calling 0161 789 4485 or emailing

Posted on 06 September 2023 Category Making ice cream

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