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This time last year we had no idea the extent of Coronavirus, in fact it wasn’t even classified as a pandemic at that stage. Only a few months earlier our focus was what was going to happen with Brexit. Now we are starting to see the impact of leaving the EU as goods are sometimes delayed at ports. Not so with the Antonelli waffle cones though. Our ice cream cones are made in the UK at our bakery on the outskirts of Manchester. Before the word Brexit even passed our lips we had been extolling the virtues of UK made cones. Why was that? Obviously because we make ice cream cones in the UK but also due to the food miles to market. Amongst all the Covid 19 discussions the climate change debate is still an increasingly alarming issue. If we can purchase goods locally or within our borders then the impact on the environment is lessened

What is Important about UK Waffle Cones & Low Miles to Market?

Miles to market can apply to any products or goods, food or otherwise, with the fewer miles from manufacture to purchaser, resulting in a lower carbon footprint of that purchase. However where ice cream cones are concerned and in this particular case we are talking about waffle cones there are additional issues to consider:

  • The further a box of waffle cones has travelled, the likelihood is the more times it has been handled, therefore giving more opportunity for it to be ‘mishandled’ or dropped, so the further away your waffle cones are made the higher the percentage of damage or breakages occurring in transit.
  • The world has surprisingly become a much bigger place since everyone stopped travelling and we are finding that there is a greater focus on buying locally. This is also because as a nation we want to support British businesses, as well as be mindful of the impact of our business or purchase on the environment. The media suggests that there is a feeling of supporting British businesses across the nation which traverses all industry sectors.

UK Made Waffle Cones Packaged with Care

In addition to the fact that Antonelli waffle cones are made in the UK, in our factory we are continually assessing our packaging systems and materials usage. In recent years we have been working towards eliminating polythene in our boxes. We also take careful consideration over box design, including size, strength, cushioning materials and packing techniques.

Reacting to the UK market

Having a manufacturing facility in the heart of the UK means that we can adapt quickly to changes in market demand, ensuring a continuous supply of high quality waffle cones to all our UK customers. That is why we have always claimed to make ‘Cones for the Connoisseur’. It seems that there is an increasing number of connoisseurs in the market, with the demand for waffle cones rising as consumers become more discerning. Examples of our ability to adapt to the market have resulted in the production of the Harley Waffle Cone, Cinnamon Waffle Cone and the Black Smoothy® Twist® Waffle Cone, as well as some special cones for a specific customer which you can read about in our case studies. See our product pages for more information about our full range of waffle cones or ask your Business Relationship Manager for our ‘Serving Ice Cream’ brochure.

Are you currently buying your ice cream cones from Antonelli? If not, next time you are planning your order for waffle cones, and indeed wafer and sugar cones, ask yourself ‘where are they made?’.

If you would like to bookmark your favourite waffle cones to add to your next order you can register for an account online. Once you have received verification you can create a list of your favourites and use this to make your order enquiry in future. If you need any support with setting this up then contact us.

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Posted on 23 March 2021 Category Waffle Cones

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