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We are conscious that at Antonelli we often focus on the artisan ice cream or gelato maker at parlours, gelaterias and converted farm buildings. So you would be forgiven for thinking that we don’t support industrial scale ice cream manufacture. In fact we have a wide knowledge of industrial scale ice cream production and have supported many large scale manufacturers over a period of many years. The Antonelli range of ingredients also provides for the industrial market with a range of high volume products, for more details ask your Antonelli Business Relationship Manager or call the office on 0161 789 4485. Alternatively you can email us

Can you be creative in industrial scale ice cream manufacture?

Although when you are making ice cream on a large scale a lot of the focus is on speed and quantity of production, it does not mean you can’t be creative with the flavours. Historically all mass produced ice cream only came in 3 flavours - vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Whilst these flavours are still very popular today, there have also been other new flavours breaking this mould. Salted caramel is one of these flavours and has been so for such a time now that is could be considered the fourth main flavour.

How has the industrial scale market changed?

There are two main channels for mass produced ice cream - supermarkets and business to business wholesalers. Supermarkets need their ice cream to be boxed and packaged for consumers to purchase and take home. This in itself has seen some changes over the years, in particular with regards to size. The standard ice cream box 20 or 30 years ago was the kind of tub you would reuse once emptied to keep your lego in or find some other purpose for storing household objects. This has gradually reduced in size to less than half the original box capacity as the demand has turned towards smaller boxes for storage in smaller freezer compartments. Also it means consumers can buy two or three flavours instead of just one. Statistics show that more ice cream is now consumed at home than it was previously. Some of the big brands have introduced a wide variety of flavours often in relatively small tubs for sharing on the sofa whilst watching a film.

Meanwhile wholesalers seem to be under demand to supply an increasing range of flavours by their customers, probably due to consumers exposure to the possibilities available at parlours and cinemas. With the artisan trade being such a growth market it is bound to have an impact across the frozen desserts industry. However this is an opportunity for growth across the supply chain, so lets see this as such rather than a barrier to progress. With our purpose built training facility, at Antonelli we are constantly trying out new ideas and recipes to help customers of all sizes develop flavours to suit their customer base. Particular trends in the market at the moment are towards vegan, low sugar, sustainably sourced ingredients and compostable packaging, so if this is something you are interested in then do give us a call. For all enquiries regarding industrial scale ice cream production ask for Mark Antonelli.

If you are just entering the industrial scale ice cream manufacturing market or you are looking for advice about introducing new flavours and balancing new recipes then consider contacting us about our training courses. You can read more about our range of courses and the ways we support customers with ice cream and gelato training on our bespoke website for the Antonelli Gelato Academy.

Posted on 06 June 2018 Category Making ice cream

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