UK Experts in Waffle Cone Production


UK Experts in Waffle Cone Production

Some say the Antonelli waffle cone is the tastiest ice cream cone in the UK, others just smile knowingly and continue eating, not wishing to interrupt their enjoyment of their ice cream and cone….

With a history going back over four generations, Antonelli is experienced in the baking and production of all types of ice cream cone. In fact it was the Antonelli Brothers who introduced both the sugar cone and the waffle cone to production in the UK, when the British public were still only aware of wafer cones. Many people may not know that Antonelli is in fact the only UK manufacturer of waffle cones as other suppliers bring these products into the UK from Europe. So for a British made waffle cone, with an Italian heritage, Antonelli is your only answer. Antonelli is not just a maker of the ice cream cone though, as right from day one, at Antonelli, our philosophy has been to bake cones that really do taste good. As experts in the biscuit industry prior to our cone making enterprise we believe we have the privilege of expertise in that arena. That is why we have always produced ‘Cones for the Connoisseur’.

In house production of waffle cones

As summer approaches we need to remember that consumers are sensitive to sweetness, looking for refreshment on a hot day. This is why Antonelli cones are made to recipes where we control the sweetness. That is one of the many benefits of making your own products; control over ingredients as well as production rate, the ability to react to market demand and the development of product adaptations. As demand for waffle cones has increased, partly as consumers become more discerning, Antonelli has gradually extended waffle cone production, which now includes a wider selection to suit a range of requirements in the market, relating to the aesthetics of the cone as well as the size and shape.

Standard Waffle Cone or Smoothy® Cone?

The Antonelli range of waffle cones includes Standard Waffle Cones and Smoothy® Cones, all very popular with our customers. Our Smoothy® Cones, as their name suggests have a smooth exterior, which helps to draw the eye to your ice cream or gelato; presenting artisan ice cream and gelatos beautifully. Being smooth also allows for personalisation with some customers opting to order special Smoothy® Cones bearing their name, further differentiating their artisan offering to their customers.

However some prefer the ‘waffle’ texture of the Standard Waffle Cone. With half a dozen different variations in each category of waffle cone there is something for everyone in the Antonelli range. From the wide Smoothy® Vesuvio to the tall narrow Smoothy® High Ball and the ever popular Smoothy® Twist®, as well as other sizes in between. Similar variations exist in the Standard Waffle range too, with the Torino and Medium Waffle cones always in demand.

Organic, dipped and decorated versions are also available, so whether it’s our Standard Waffle cones or the more exclusive Smoothy® cones which appeal to your consumers, you can be assured that any cones made by Antonelli are of high quality and fresh tasting, setting your whole ice cream experience apart. To view our full range of waffle cones select Standard Waffle or Smoothy® Cones under the ‘Products’ menu option.

Posted on 10 June 2015 Category Waffle Cones

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