Other effects of Covid 19 on the world of Ice Cream


Ice cream in take home packs

Due to the current situation and enforced lockdown, many more of our customers have started to offer home delivery.

Some parlours and gelaterias had home delivery or takeaway pre-packs in place before lockdown. However, we have seen an increase in requests for take home packs recently as others have started to offer this service. This is either due to demand or sometimes the lack of anything else to do once the house has been painted and the lawn mowed!

If you are offering this service and planning to continue with home delivery, have you got the best packaging and recipe melting point? If customer feedback means there is something you wish to do differently, then please do let us know as we can offer our support to ensure your customers enjoy your ice cream and gelato at home as much as they have in the past on your premises..

Delivery without frozen transport or consumer collections

There are still some who supply polystyrene/styrofoam which can be reused or recycled provided it is white and clean and where the facilities to recycle this material exist!?

Although not the perfect option PLA offers a more sustainable alternative, as it is compostable, the team at Antonelli sleep easier because that is all we stock. We have 500 and 1000ml options in rectangular and square shapes. Each has a thin PLA liner and film cover for your product. Liners are available separately to enable your customers to return to your shop with their container for re-use, just like many do with egg cartons. For more information see our GREENLINE product sheet.

These will soon feature on our product list on this website - keep an eye on our additions on the Containers and Utensils menu option.

Compostable Take Home Packs Rectangular

Posted on 09 May 2020 Category Making ice cream

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