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News about our ‘Fun’ ice cream cones

For those of you not familiar with the Antonelli decorated ice cream cone range, our ‘Fun’ cones are decorated with multicoloured rainbow sugar strands. All kinds of our UK made cones are decorated at our bakery in Eccles near Manchester. Our ‘Fun’ range of decorated cones was one of the first in our decorated line and is still very popular with customers across the UK. Once we have made the waffle, wafer and sugar cones we then dip them in a luxury chocolate flavour coating and then roll them in multicoloured rainbow sugar strands. So how is that news? We have of course been doing this for around twenty years, so why is it now hitting the headlines?

Why Fun ice cream cones are in the news…

Until recently we offered two types of ‘Fun’ decorated ice cream cone; the standard Fun and the Natural Fun ice cream cone. We created the latter to satisfy those customers who require natural colourings to be used in the products they sell. The sugar strands on these cones as a result were much paler than on the standard Fun cones. This meant that the Natural Fun cone range was received with indifference by some due to the perceived lack of ‘fun’ in the pale colours of the sugar strands.

The team at Antonelli has been striving for some time to find a solution to this issue of retaining the vibrant coloured rainbow sugar strands, but without the ingredients which cause alarm. However after some heartache and research, we have managed to find a solution to suit all. Now all our ‘Fun’ decorated cones, whether waffle, wafer or sugar cones all have the benefit of vibrant colours, but are made using natural ingredients. It has always been our philosophy to keep our ingredients local and natural where possible, so we are pleased to be able to announce this solution which now ticks all the visual and ingredient boxes. So if you are looking for Natural Fun ice cream cones on our product pages you won’t find them, but you will instead find a full range of brightly coloured Fun cones which are in fact all natural.

To see our full range of ‘Fun’ ice cream cones click on decorated cones and select ‘sweet’ on our product pages or just type in ‘Fun’ in the search box. If you require further information contact your Business Relationship Manager, email or call us on 0161 789 4485.

Harley Cone Medium Rainbow Waffle Cone
Harley Cone Torino Rainbow Waffle Cone

Posted on 13 August 2019 Category Waffle Cones

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