Counting down to summer


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With the temperatures getting warmer and the nights getting lighter, spring is officially upon us, signalling the beginning of what is expected to be a very busy year for the ice cream industry.

As you would expect, the spring and summer months are the most profitable for ice cream businesses worldwide, but preparation is key to ensure that you capitalise on these warmer months and guarantee a great experience for your customers.

So, what can you do now to prepare for the summer months? We take a look below:

Recruit early

Warmer weather, school holidays and UK staycations during the summer months mean that ice cream vendors and parlours are significantly busier than in the colder months. This, of course, requires more staff to accommodate the increased demand and speed up waiting times for your delicious products. For this, we recommend you advertise any positions as early as possible to ensure you capture those looking for seasonal work at the stage they’ll be seeking job opportunities.

Choose your flavours wisely

The busy summer months are the ideal time to utilise those flavour recipes that have a higher profit margin so that you can make the most out of the busier period, so choose your summer cabinet carefully. Of course, these flavours should also be chosen based on current trends and include those much-loved ‘summery’ fruity flavours to draw customers in.

Motivate your staff

Your staff should be your biggest promoters, but in order to encourage them to do so, they need to have the appropriate motivation. There are countless ways to do this, from incentives to simply creating a great working atmosphere (of course this should be a must for all businesses). You could even get your team involved in curating the cabinet, ask them what flavours they’d like to see in there; this is a great way to bring out the creativity in your team and make them feel passionate about what they’re selling!

Want more top tips for preparing for the summer months? Get in touch with our team of ice cream experts today!

Posted on 02 April 2024 Category Making ice cream

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