Bringing flavour into 2024: Ingredients and Antonelli


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As a long-time supplier of ingredients for ice cream to the industry, Antonelli have grown an extensive range over the years. In fact, we now offer our customers the most comprehensive ingredient range on the market today. But what makes us unique is that we are also able to supply customised ingredients thanks to our expert team and particular taste for what flavours work well for individual brands.

When producing a new ice cream flavour, our team need to appreciate the target consumer expectation and the brand characteristics we are representing. The closer we can match brand and consumer expectation whilst appealing to the largest number of consumers, the more volume we can sell whilst maintaining brand authenticity.

Of course, our range of ingredients also needs to tap into the trends and preferences of our customers and their customer base. Many food flavours are diverse in their profiles, but certain locations will have preferences.

For example, in the UK, nuts are a favourite but less culturally important than say the hazelnut in Italy or the peanut in the USA. Fruit flavours come with varying profiles of sweetness, acidity and intensity, with preferences often varying according to location. It is a similar case with caramel which is why we carry nine different caramel, toffee and dolce latte pastes, as well as numerous ripples.

Mint is also an incredibly popular flavour but one that can vary. We have several differing profiles, colour paste and raw material products to ensure you reach the ice cream’s desired intensity; do you add choc chips or Stracciatella? It’s down to preference and your brand!

However, despite our extensive and readily available range, there sometimes comes a need for a customised product. This often occurs where there are restrictions on what can be used in the ice cream and we don’t have the ingredient to match. In these situations, the good news is that Antonelli can help! We have used the vast experience at our fingertips to create many custom-made products for our consumers and are always happy to discuss anything bespoke. If you’d like more information on customised ingredients, please speak to your Antonelli Sales Manager.

New product development is something that we also explore extensively at the Antonelli Gelato Academy. Fast and accurate recipe comparisons are possible with the array of latest equipment available. Get in touch with us here to learn more.

So whether you’re looking for a supplier with a vast range of ingredients to choose from, want to create something bespoke, or want to explore the realms of flavour with our in-house experts, Antonelli can help! Contact us or speak to your dedicated Sales Manager today.

Posted on 15 January 2024 Category Making ice cream

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