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For all of us here in the ice cream industry, summer signals a very fruitful period for businesses throughout the UK.

Of course, with warmer weather, schools closed for six weeks and the UK population increasingly enjoying staycations as opposed to holidays abroad, ice cream vendors and shops are inundated with custom during this time, meaning increased staffing requirements.

Whilst the thought of recruiting at this busy time may seem daunting, finding staff during the summer months opens up a world of opportunity, as it enables you to recruit both college and university students.

So, how can you recruit effectively for the summer months? Take a look at our top tips below…

Advertise early

We would always advise advertising for roles sooner rather than later. With just a few days to go until the schools finish for the summer the countdown is on to get recruiting. Typically students will take a short break following the year, and therefore advertising now will reach them at that critical time in which they will be seeking employment for the rest of the summer.

Ensure a clear job description

Of course, roles recruited for the summer months should be outlined clearly in your job description to ensure candidates understand that the role is seasonal.

Offer flexibility

We would highly recommend that you provide employees with working time allowance for team members during the summer months. This will be a huge draw for students who want to earn money, but also require a certain amount of time off to enjoy their time off from full-time education, such as festivals.

Take advantage of social media

Your target candidates will almost certainly be utilising social media in their job search, therefore this should be one of your main platforms for recruitment. Ensure your posts are accompanied by some engaging visuals, images of your team or even some delicious ice cream images to capture attention!

Engage with your other team members & customers

What better promotion of your vacancies than your existing team members and your loyal customers, so why not ask them to share the news that you’re recruiting?! Not only will this mean a wide reach for your vacancy, but in sharing with existing contacts your candidates are likely to be much more reliable.

Looking for support in running your ice cream business? We’d love to hear from you and discuss how Antonelli can support you going forward.

Posted on 01 July 2022 Category News

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