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Elle Cream Ripples

You may be wondering who is Elle? Actually the question should really be ‘what is …elle?’ - and no it is not a fashion magazine in this particular context. Perhaps you have guessed from the image above that we are talking about our new creamy ripples. These products are some of our favourites because they are so versatile, you can use many of the cream ripples in all three ranges for every stage of your gelato making. So without further ado let’s introduce you to what these ranges are

How can you use these cream ripples?

As we mentioned, the beauty of these cream ripple products is that you can use them in many different ways, so they are a real ‘go to’ product to keep on your shelf.

Probably the most obvious way to use these products is as a ripple, lightly stirred into your gelato and/or drizzled over the top of the pan. You can also create a very smooth flat cremino style effect with these products, as it stays soft even when frozen.

For a quick and easy solution you can also use these smooth creamy ripples to fill an empty pan in your cabinet by combining it with milk to rapidly make into a creamy smooth gelato.

When served at room temperature these pump served ripples are ideal for adding that finishing touch to waffles, pancakes and other desserts. They also make a great tasting milkshake. Like we said the perfect product for any parlour to have on their shelves or even on their counter for easy access.

Which flavours?

Selecting which flavours to buy may be the hardest decision you have to make, as we have such a tempting range. Along with all the expected classics of caramel, chocolate & hazelnut (gianduja), the full range of chocolate from white to dark and pistachio, here are some other highlights you might not have anticipated …

The key feature about these products is that they do not go hard when frozen which makes it much easier to serve. They are soft and ideal for use as an inclusion in your gelato, a ripple for extra taste or a topping for taste and colour.

To see more about how to use these exquisite cream ripple products watch this short MARTINI video

If you need some advice about which product is best for your recipe then contact your Business Relationship Manager.

If you would like to make a note of which of these cream ripples to add to your next order you can register for an account online. Once you have received verification you can create a list of your favourites and use this to make your order enquiry in future. If you need any support with setting this up then contact us.

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Posted on 17 March 2021 Category Making ice cream

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