Innovations in ice cream


Product innovation has played a critical role in the Antonelli business from the very beginning (all the way back in 1912). We are consistently looking at ways to introduce new products to the market, as well as adapt existing products to changing customer requirements.

We were very pleased, therefore, to introduce no less than 17 new products to the UK ice cream market during last month’s Ice Cream and Artisan Food Show in Harrogate. Many of which won awards during the three-day event.

Take a look below as we explore the latest and greatest products now available to ice cream businesses…

Twist 24/7 & Double 24/7

The Twist 24/7 cone and its larger counterpart, the Double 24/7 are our newest high quality, artisan deli cones. Naturally gluten free, they’re made with brown sugar for a caramelised flavour and of course, with that iconic Antonelli ‘snap’ they’re ideal for both gelato and soft serve. And it’s not just us who loves them, Twist 24/7 took home the prize for the Best New Food product at the ICA Food Show.

Salted Caramel Cone

Our deliciously tasty Salted Caramel Cone has a white chocolate coating, the perfect accompaniment for countless ice cream and gelato flavours.

Black Cookie Cone

Our new and improved Black Cookie Cone comes with an updated crumb that tastes just as delicious as its predecessor but sticks better to the cone itself.

GelPro Lush Caramelised Cookie

Coming 1st place at the Glass awards for Supply House Flavour, this tasty new flavour is already a hit amongst customers!

GelPro Lush Rhubarb

An improved recipe for a smoother ripple and fantastic flavour, the GelPro Lush Rhubarb is a great addition to your ice cream recipes.

Cheeky Monkey®

After its unveiling at the 2023 ICA Show, our Cheeky Monkey® product has proven to be one of the most popular additions to an ice cream cabinet, and this year we wowed with three brand new flavours that incorporate our Cheeky Monkey® ripple, these are:

  • Peanut Butter Banana Brownie
  • Banana & Custard
  • Cheeky Monkey does the Rumba (caramelised banana, rum and cinnamon)


We are committed to sustainability here at Antonelli and therefore providing greener options for our customers is crucial. As a result, we are proud to say that we are now exclusively only selling eco-spoons (both compostable and paper).

In addition to this we have also released two brand new eco-packaging products…

PAPAERGEL take home carton / ECOGEL tray

Winner of the best new packaging product, our newest carton / tray is available in 3 sizes, and they are already flying off the shelves of our warehouse so place your order as soon as possible!

INNAPOLI cardboard tray

Our INNAPOLI carboard tray will be in stock from May and will provide ice cream businesses with a fantastically sustainable way to serve their products.

Our partner innovations

Innovators ultimately partner with fellow innovators and that is precisely what we have done here at Antonelli. Here are some of the newest products from our partners at Martini and Comprital.

  • Martini Speculoos
  • Martini Cocoa Waffelo Brunella
  • Martini Inclusions (Crumbles)
  • Martini Fruttup
  • Comprital Speculoos Variegato
  • Comprital Lemon Biscotti
  • Comprital Speedy Trilogy
  • Comprital Monello

Excited to try our newest products? Get in touch today to place your order!

Posted on 05 March 2024 Category News

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