Cheeky Monkey® take responsibility for child portions


If you haven't heard about the Antonelli Cheeky Monkey® children's wafer cone then here is some key information you need to know about it. The Cheeky Monkey® cone, which is made in Manchester at the Antonelli Bakery, is a bespoke product which has been developed by the sales and production team at Antonelli specifically for younger customers. The Cheeky Monkey® face is obviously appealing to small children and what is appealing to their parents and carers is the fact that it is a small cone and designed so it holds just the right amount of ice cream to suit a small tummy. With trends in child obesity rising we felt we should take responsibility ensuring that young customers are not over faced or over fed but still can enjoy a ice cream treat. For more information on the benefits of this delightful childrens wafer cone read on.

You can also read what our customers are saying about the Cheeky Monkey® ice cream cone in the linked file. Some of our customers use the back of the pdf file to print out and stick in their window or shop door and now the customers ask for a Cheeky Monkey® cone.

Here is what one customer has reported back to us from his business in Yorkshire...

"We've found the cheeky monkey cones to be a great addition to our selection. We use them for our "tiny tot" cones and it's been a great way to appease young children when they aren't allowed a triple chocolate dipped cone! They are strong and sturdy, and have a narrow top making even a half-scoop look a generous size on the cone. It's the ideal cone for children's ice creams."

Posted on 28 November 2017 Category Waffle Cones

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