Message from the Antonelli Family


Whenever our global upheaval due to Covid19 is over, which the scientists promise will happen, business and life will never be quite the same again as humanity realises it’s fragility.

Global pollution has begun to reshape our behaviour, this viral attack will perhaps do the same. Whereas you and I may be limited in what we can do for defence against viruses, we can continue to help defend the planet from the excesses of humanity for the benefit of all of the plant and animal kingdoms. Antonelli is proud to have promoted ecological solutions these past few years via our “Greenline for a Blue Planet” range of single use biodegradable and compostable packaging. However, what gives us more pleasure is knowing that had we have supplied over a billion cones “tummy fill not land fill”. With good hygiene, serving ice cream on a cone is arguably the most sustainable way to serve and enjoy ice cream or gelato. If you believe putting a simple paper sleeve on the cone is also needed, then don't worry as we have plenty of these. You can buy pre-sleeved cones or we are now supplying them separately but remember to check they fit well the cones you are using to avoid problems.

Whilst many are forced to stay at home for the greater good, others including the Government (like them or not), medics, drivers and many other “key” workers are compelled to work long hours in trepidation if not fear. To these people we are all grateful and admiring.

The business of ice cream/gelato, barring a few areas has ground to a halt. Government cash is on the way. The cash you have is prioritised for staff to live on. It was the week before last when we emailed to say order value discounts thresholds are halved and payment would be accepted an extra month later. How much has changed in a short time! Antonelli has stock to supply our customers for at least three months when sales resume, even if imports are not possible, having acted early in anticipation of likely lockdown across Europe. If you cannot pay your account there is no need to let us know. We will not be chasing anyone as until further notice there is no such thing as “overdue”. If you are continuing to order because you are selling, we do ask you to pay for the previous months invoices as we are in the same position of paying our staff.

Keep well and positive. If you are unwell we wish you a speedy recovery.

Very best wishes

Mark, David, Roland Antonelli and all the Antonelli Staff. x

Roland David Mark

Posted on 09 April 2020 Category Company

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