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On these pages you will find everything you need for making ice cream from bases and flavours to variegati. For the final touches see our Decorations section. Antonelli has an exclusive partnership with leading Italian flavour and ingredients manufacturers COMPRITAL and MARTINI. We also have our own range of UK orientated flavours and ingredients. Sometimes it can be challenging for our customers to select the product which best suits their processes or recipes, but our Business Relationship Managers and Technical Managers are always pleased to advise, so please give them a call or alternatively contact Customer Services 0161 789 4485. If you are looking for products for continuous production then contact us.

You can also view our Making Ice Cream brochure in its digital flipbook format to see all the products listed together.

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Blackcurrant Variegate (Ribes Nero) with seeds

Blue Bubblegum concentrate

Blue Bubblegum Ripple

Blueberry (Mirtillo) with seeds

Brunella Bianca

Brunella Bianca

Brunella CROCK Biscotto Nero

Brunella Crok Biscot Nero

Brunella CROCK Crispies

Brunella CROK Crispies

Brunella CROCK Pistacchio

Brunella Crok Pistachio

Brunella CROCK Speculoos

Brunella Crok Speculoos

Brunella Vegan 1

Brunella Gianduia Vegan

Brunella Latte Cacao

Brunella Latte E Cacao (Milk & Chocolate)

Brunella Latte E Nocciole (Milk & Hazelnut)