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Containers & Utensils

Please select from our range of accessories to add to your cones and/or ingredients order.

We can provide spatulas, scoops, spoons, napolis, tubs and take home packs. If you can't find what you are looking for speak to your Business Relationship Manager or contact us. As part of our accessory range we supply compostable products to help protect the environment from plastic disposables. You may be interested to read more about our compostable range.

Have you tried our napoli mould tops to create a different display in your cabinet?

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Napoli Top Dune

Napoli Top Sofa

Napoli Top Triangle

Papergel Tray 1000

Papergel Tray 500

Papergel Tray 750

Plain White Paper Tub Large

Plain White Paper Tub Medium

Plain White Paper Tub Small

Portioner metal scoop 100

Portioner metal scoop 16

Portioner metal scoop 20