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Stop the presses! This month’s product of the month is so special that it qualified for its very own feature within our blog, and for good reason.

We have something new and exciting to share with you, that could quite possibly make your business one of the leaders in innovation and sustainability within the ice cream industry.

So, without further ado, drum roll please… Introducing the most sustainable ice cream pans for wholesale… the Innapoli.

The importance of sustainability in the ice cream industry

Debate about the use of plastic packaging within the food industry has dominated headlines in recent years. With so much plastic being released back into the environment, polluting and even killing the wider food chain, the race is on to find critical solutions to this issue before untold effects are inflicted on the health of humans, animals and plant-life.

For those in the food industry, there has been a great deal of change over the past few years. The use of paper-based packaging and cutlery has entered the market as a bio-degradable alternative to their plastic counterparts, and Antonelli has been at the forefront of this change each step of the way.

Antonelli’s dedication to sustainability

As a family run business established in 1912, Antonelli has been leading the way in product innovation for over a century.

Aside from our iconic waffle cones (i.e. edible packaging 😉), in 2022 we introduced our affordable (not forgetting strong!) paper spoons that have been a huge hit with our ice cream parlour clients throughout the UK.

Following this success, we turned our gaze to the plastic Napoli pans that are widely used across the ice cream industry, which ultimately account for over 120 tonnes of plastic in the UK alone. This year we are introducing its paper alternative, the Innapoli.

What is the Innapoli?

The Innapoli is a food contact, recyclable and home compostable corrugated paper container (both base and lid). This is, of course, filled with ice cream, and fits perfectly within stainless steel or re-usable plastic Napoli pans.

As a direct comparison to its plastic counterpart, the Innapoli will hold 4.1 litres of product (only 10% less than plastic) and will cost only pennies more (depending on quantity). These very minor things have the potential to make a hugely positive difference to the environment.

There are only a select few businesses that would not benefit from the Innapoli, these are those who:

> Don’t fill Napoli pans

> Don’t use plastic pans

> Reuse plastic pans by collecting them (but then we must also take into account the carbon cost of collection)

> Don’t have the ability to compost waste

This will only apply to a very small percentage of the industry, and therefore it is a no brainer for our clients to give the Innapoli a go and make a huge difference to the environment.

So, if you haven’t already sampled (2 base + lids) or piloted (200 base + lids) the Innapoli, then why not get in touch with our team and give them a try?

Request your sample by clicking here.

Posted on 04 July 2024 Category Compostables

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