5 Cereals Black Variegato

A new line of chocolate ripples enriched with 5 cereals (barley, wheat, rice, oats, spelt).

MEC3 research has created a new line of chocolate ripples enriched with 5 cereals, available in white and dark versions. Cereals are among the latest trends of the worldwide food products market, thanks to their beneficial properties (rich in fibres).

MEC3 now brings the same concept to the gelato world, selecting 5 types of cereals of high quality for its customers.

This new line of ripples makes it possible to enrich traditional flavours (cream, chocolate, white chocolate, yogurt) and make them unique, both when on display and on the palate, and the firmness given by the 5 cereals ensures an unusual sensation of crunchiness and taste.

With 5 cereals, your display cabinet will be more modern, attractive and natural.

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