Which Flavours to fill Ice Cream Cones with this season


Which tantalising flavours will you be filling your ice cream cones with this year?

Antonelli takes great pride in the high quality, in-house manufacture of the widest range of wafer, waffle and sugar cones in the UK. Whilst the taste and freshness of ice cream cones is imperative to Antonelli, the flavours that parlours and gelaterias choose to serve in these cones is food for a never-ending debate. As the sole UK distributor for the leading Italian flavour house - MEC3, Antonelli is able to offer the UK market an ever-increasing range of tantalising ice cream flavours and kits to make the most amazing frozen desserts. For more details on the products we currently offer see the ingredients section in the products menu.

After our recent trip to Italy to find out about the latest flavours launching at Sigep, we can confirm that there are some very exciting products coming to the UK this season which will begin to feature on our website in the next few weeks and months…

Why are MEC3 ice cream flavours and gelato ingredients world-leading products?

According to MEC3, Italian gelato has been a critical and commercial success for their business over 30 years! This can be largely attributed to just three simple and indisputable factors;

  • the high quality of all the MEC3 ingredients
  • their commitment to the continuous development of innovative recipes
  • MEC3’s creativity and talent for aesthetically pleasing frozen desserts

MEC3 invest a considerable amount of time and finance into the research and development of new flavours and creations, continuously raising the standards and expectations of frozen desserts in the market. Taking inspiration from a variety of cultural recipes and flavour combinations from around the world, MEC3 like to test the boundaries in a bid to tantalise consumer’s taste buds.

However, with MEC3 it is not just about the flavour and ingredients, the presentation of these products has become an art form in itself. With many consumers making their selection by eye the display is key to the success and quantity of sales of these desserts. Antonelli are only too aware of the importance of the balance of the recipes, presentation and serving of gelato and ice cream to ensure your customers get the best ice cream experience every time. To that end, we offer ice cream training courses and demonstrations which can be bespoke to suit specific needs.

MEC3 established ice cream ingredients ranges

For those of you who are already familiar with the MEC3 range and who are already regularly using products made by MEC3, you may be pleased to learn that a number of their key product areas have had new flavours or additional choices added to the already wide selection. Imagine the fantastic ice cream cones your consumers are going to walk about eating this summer …

We can confirm that new additions have been made to the following lines;

  • the Quella family has been extended with added flavour and texture options now available
  • the Gran Frutta range launched this time last year now has even more fruit choices
  • Cookies® is a well-established brand which celebrated its 15 year anniversary last year and now has a new variation added to the already popular selection
  • relatively new to the MEC3 range is La Gelatisserie and there are some spectacular additions to this range this season this is your chance to display your artistic creations which will definitely attract your customer’s attention

To find out more details about the full range of Antonelli ice cream cones and all the new MEC3 flavours as well as these interesting and tasty additions to the already popular MEC3 product range, come and see Antonelli on stand 17 at the Ice Cream Expo 2017 or speak to your Antonelli Sales Manager. Alternatively, you can call us on 0843 515 1912.

Posted on 31 January 2017 Category Waffle Cones

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