“we have never sold so many ice cream cones”


In all the years of business we have never sold so many ice cream cones.” This is what Helen at Food to Serve told us when we were talking to her about their business. The Antonelli Business Relationship Manager for the South East - Ryan Cox has been working closely with Helen & Mark at Food to Serve over the last three years, as the two family businesses build up a mutually beneficial relationship to help serve the food service industry in London and the surrounding region. Food to Serve is very discerning about the suppliers they select, only choosing the best quality manufacturers. British made is also an important factor in their selection criteria and as a family business themselves, the owners of Food to Serve are keen to support other UK family businesses.

The benefits of buying UK made ice cream cones from a family business

As a family run business, passed down through four generations and still manufacturing ice cream cones in-house in the UK, Antonelli fit well with the Food to Serve supplier selection criteria. However this is just the tip of the iceberg. For Food to Serve it is not just the principal of supplying British made products, there is a practical reason for this as well, especially where waffle cones, wafer cones and sugar cones are concerned. Being baked in the UK at the Antonelli bakery in Manchester, means not only environmental benefits with lower food mileage, but on a practical level less handling means less breakages. This in turn allows Food to Serve to concentrate on providing high service levels rather than dealing with breakage complaints.

Looking after all ice cream cone customers

Food to Serve help Antonelli to supply smaller customers who don’t necessarily wish to order by the pallet, meaning they can still purchase Antonelli products but in quantities that suit their limited storage or demand with less impact on their bottom line.

Ryan explains how the relationship with Food to Serve has built up;

We speak at least 3 times a week and I visit 2-3 times per month to review the contacts we have passed on and to ensure we are keeping in touch with these customers between us. Due to our in-house manufacturing, Antonelli can react quickly to enquiries, providing personalised ice cream cones and printed wafers as well as delivering a quick response on non-standard items.

This arrangement suits both parties. Food to Serve gain more customers and Antonelli know they can pass on these enquiries to a reputable supplier, who can deliver small quantities (less than a pallet) of Antonelli products without imposing a high delivery charge. Food to Serve offer a minimum order of £100 for free delivery to most areas. To support them we have also produced some product literature showing the Antonelli ice cream cones and MEC3 products that Food to Serve stock. So this is probably why Food to Serve are selling more ice cream cones than ever before.

Ryan continues, “I see Food to Serve as a Partner Wholesaler, they have a personal touch and I know the customers I pass on will be well looked after at a comparable price to the Antonelli pricing structure. This enables me to focus on looking after startup businesses, and those people wanting to start making gelato across the South East.

To find out more about the Antonelli family story see our About Us page , where you can read a potted history of our story. If you are in the London area and interested in Antonelli ice cream cones but only want to place a relatively small order, email ryan.cox@antonelli.co.uk or helen@foodtoserve.co.uk and between us we will look after you.

Posted on 03 April 2019 Category Case Studies

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