Toffee Gelato Award at National Ice Cream Competition


We are pleased to announce that we won the Gold Medal award in the Supply House Toffee category in this years National Ice Cream Competition.

Not just a gold medal!…

To be honest and without intending to sound too arrogant, we always knew our toffee was a good quality product. However what was possibly more surprising was that our GELPRO Toffee designed for the UK wholesale market actually received recognition in this national competition as well, coming in 4th place and earning the Special Diploma of Merit ahead of other perceived artisan toffee products. This goes to show the breadth of quality of our product range right to our third best product line. It demonstrates our ongoing commitment to high quality and continues the philosophy on which our business was founded, across all product areas, in providing ‘Cones for the Connoisseur’.

Toffee or Caramel?

Whilst we are on the subject of toffee, we find that we repeatedly have discussions with customers about toffee and caramel. It seems one persons toffee is another’s caramel and vice versa. It is all down to your desired flavour and how that fits with your branding and gelato or ice cream style. Some decide to add salt for the popular salted caramel flavour. As this has now become a key flavour in any ice cream cabinet alongside the classics of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, we have given this flavour a separate section in our new Making Ice Cream brochure. There are many different products in this category of pastes whether you decide to call your gelato Toffee, Caramel, Butterscotch, Dolce Latte, Panna Cotta or even the Italian word for toffee ‘Mou’, is down to you and what fits with your market and customer demographics. Ask your Antonelli Business Relationship Manager (BRM) for our new brochure if you haven’t already seen one, so you can see the full listing. We are currently updating the products on our website so please bear with us whilst we add all the new lines. If you have any questions about which toffee or caramel paste to use then get in touch either with your local BRM or via email or call Customer Service on 01671 789 4485.

Jonny Ireland with Supply House Award

Posted on 09 March 2020 Category Making ice cream

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