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Many of our discussions with customers are around the subject of ice cream ingredients and flavours. MEC3 are renowned worldwide for their expertise in intense flavours which never cease to amaze and excite those who taste them - even ice cream makers who have been in the industry for years.

We decided to ask our sales team about some of their favourites and experiences of ice cream ingredients and flavours, which we are going to share with you over the coming weeks. We think you will find this an interesting read…

In this review we are going to start with some of our teams reflections on the responses to the MEC3 flavours and ice cream ingredients which we had on show on the Antonelli stand at the Ice Cream Expo this year.

The benefit of this annual exhibition at Harrogate is that our sales team all have the opportunity to come together and discuss products, new ice cream ingredients, taste new flavours and most of all meet and greet a variety of customers, new and old from across the UK. We are not going to discuss every flavour we had on display this year, but here are a few highlights from those flavours which particularly drew the crowds. These are some little anecdotal quotes from the responses from visitors tasting these flavours.

RASPBERRY PAVLOVA - “to die for” – “lovely texture” – “actually tastes like A REAL Pavlova!!” -

PISTACHIO AND POMEGRANATE CREMINI – “outrageous!!” – “very opulent flavours” – “really rich”

COCOBLACK - “lovely” – “you can really taste the coconut”- “that will be a great seller”

GRAN FRUITTA APRICOT – “fabulous sorbet, real fruit punch to it”- “very refreshing” – “only need to add water to mix! - that’s brilliant -would have thought real fruit needed to achieve that flavour”

WALNUT WHIP – ” very smooth, realistic taste of an old chocolate favourite” –“ retro sweets are all the rage at moment, this would be a great flavour to make and sell”

OPEN SESAME – “very grown up flavour!” – “very rich” – “Asian market would love this, as they love sesame seeds”- “very different, something new”

Saving the best until last though (although that is a matter of opinion as tasting is a very subjective issue!) it is CINDERELLA that has really created an interest so far, as one of our sales managers confirms;

I have had 100% positive feedback from Cinderella – people love it due to the subtle notes and that they can be creative to call it whatever they want.

At Harrogate the feedback about Cinderella was that it “sells itself on name alone” and that small children will absolutely want it”, with edible hearts and stars,to decorate and a great colour too it is a winner for all, very ‘Frozen’.

If you would like to discuss some of these flavours or talk to one of our Antonelli Sales Managers about the MEC3 range of ice cream ingredients only available in the UK through Antonelli then please call us on 0843 515 1912. Alternatively for further product information you can see our flavour concentrates.

Posted on 16 March 2016 Category Making ice cream

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