Never a better time to be starting an ice cream business


Another interesting visit to Rimini this year has given us the opportunity to see and taste the delights of the new ice cream flavours from world leading flavour house and Italian favourites MEC3. As sole UK distributor for MEC3, we are delighted to announce that not only are these ice cream flavours delicious, but they are in production and in stock. There are some great flavours for the UK market this season, so an exciting time to be starting an ice cream business.

New MEC3 Products Available for the New Season

At Antonelli, we are excited that after many years of lobbying and true to their word last year, the MEC3 new 2018 ingredients and variegate shown at SIGEP are available immediately for the first time. However demand from Sigep has been high, so the next expected delivery to the UK will be late February. You can come and taste the different flavours on our stand at the Ice Cream Expo in Harrogate, which is a great opportunity to taste before you buy.

What are the new ice cream & gelato flavours from MEC3?

Without further ado let’s tell you about some of the new ice cream and gelato flavours…

The popular Fior Di range has been extended to include;

Fior Di Limone - Lemon variegato with a deep and creamy profile that mirrors that of Amalfi paste
Fior Di Ginger - a sweet variegato; a lush ripple with a rounded profile appealing even to those who don’t normally chose this flavour, whilst delivering a medium kick to the palate

More from Cookies®

In the classic Cookies® family we have a new flavour that we were not so convinced would be wildly popular, but it did prove to be so in Rimini with the UK visitors. This is Lemon Cookies® which is a MEC3 twist on the traditional British Lemon Meringue Pie.

New ice cream making flavour kits - ideal for starting an ice cream business

When starting an ice cream business you will find kits are a good and safe way to get going and build up your confidence in ice cream making. A new kit which was heavily promoted on the MEC3 stand in Sigep is Funky Malty. This kit is an interesting take on the traditional supper drink combination of malt and chocolate, which I think will be well received in the UK market, especially early and late in the season. I am sure there will be those who use the kit as is and it is very good, however, be careful not to over variegate as it will overpower the Malty Base. Alternatively, you can opt for Miss Malty at 40gr/kg and variegate with Funky Malty. If you are unsure just ask your Antonelli Business Relationship Manager.

A second new kit is Pistachio Ciuri Ciuri, which is a celebration of Pistachio on a cone. Words are not enough when only the taste sensation can adequately describe it. For other kits available see our kits page on our website.

Classic ice cream favourites

When you are starting an ice cream business we find people often like to start out with flavours they enjoy themselves. If you like a Custard Cream or Vanilla Slice (and who doesn’t?) you will love Creme Patisserie. The MEC3 product doesn’t come with pastry bits, which really takes it to another level. If you have a local source then great, otherwise bear with us as we are already progressing a solution.

There really are many products which will be well received in the UK this year with some traditional British desserts and confectionary forming the inspiration for many, including Honeycomb Crema. However, this product requires some longer explanation so do ask your Business Relationship Manager about this one or come to the Antonelli Launch on the 28th February/1st March (a ticketed event).

Another dessert inspired flavour but this time in a variegati is Banoffee ripple - if you already make with MEC3 Doche Latte paste with either Mou or Quello then don’t try this as a higher quality option (we have yet to find it). However, if you are under price pressure then a ripple with this through a good rich white base may be worth consideration.

Another great string to the MEC3 hazelnut bow is Hazelnut Selection. Although hazelnut is not as popular in the UK as in Italy, if you would like to assess this alongside your current hazelnut then do get in touch.

Finally, there are more exciting developments in the Quella® range, with most options now available in the Crunchy variation.

More exciting news from MEC3

Other news from Italy is that MEC3’s owner Charter House has purchased another food pioneer, this time in the cake decoration market, more news to follow, but one of the products they manufacture is a printed rice wafer stick in sign.

To find out more about all these products either come and talk to us at the Ice Cream Expo in Harrogate, ask your Antonelli Business Relationship Manager or call us on 0161 789 4485. You can also learn more at our Season Launch event on 28th Feb/1st Mar - call us or email for more information and to book a ticket.

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