Ice Cream Ingredients in the ‘Free From’ Category


There has been a considerable amount of both media and political coverage relating to sugars added to food and drink products in recent months. With increasing obesity and diabetic diagnoses recorded it looks to be a recurring theme in regards to health and diet going forward. At Antonelli, as a UK manufacturer of ice cream cones for over 100 years, we have complete control over our ingredients, which means we can provide specialist dietary lines to suit all your consumers requirements. Not only that, but as the sole UK distributor for Italian flavour house MEC3, we can provide a wide selection of sugar free, dairy free and other special dietary ice cream ingredients.

New Flavours & Ice Cream Ingredients to Differentiate your Gelato

Apart from offering products which are sugar free, dairy free and gluten free, the MEC3 range are also free from animal products. With a strong leaning towards research and development, MEC3 are continuously developing new flavours and ice cream ingredients to help differentiate your offering to consumers. This includes a new exciting vegan range launched at the SIGEP exhibition in Italy earlier this year.

Supporting Customers with Ice Cream Ingredient Selection & Recipe Balancing

However, what we pride ourselves with at Antonelli is our ability to offer specific advice and technical assistance to enable you to develop your own ‘free from’ recipes using your own style and ingredients. So whether you are looking for ice cream ingredients which are sugar free, lactose free, dairy free, gluten free or suitable for vegans or indeed other special dietary or cultural needs, your Antonelli Sales Manager is at the end of a phone to support you. Whilst we are here to supply you with MEC3 ice cream ingredients and kits we also recognise that sometimes these need to be adapted to suit your specific processes. Our National Technical Manager can help you to achieve the flavour and texture of ice cream or gelato with the appropriate ice cream ingredients - just ask your Antonelli Sales Manager or call the office on 0843 515 1912 for more details.

Selecting the right cone to support your special ice cream or gelato

Once you have selected the appropriate ice cream ingredients for your special dietary frozen dessert and you are satisfied with your artisan gelato, then you will be thinking how best to serve it. As we mentioned earlier, at our bakery in Manchester we have the facilities and product control to make ice cream cones to suit specific standards and consumer demands. For many years the Antonelli cones range has included gluten free and organic options. Ask your Antonelli Sales Manager for more details.

Have you tasted our ‘free from’ Cones?

Remember just because your products are ‘free from’ certain ingredients it doesn’t mean that they don’t taste as good as the ‘normal’ products. Customers have been heard to say about our gluten free cones “why can’t all cones taste as good as that?” Another tip is that if you are serving special dietary ice cream or gelato, your customers may expect that you will be able to serve it in an appropriate cone. We recommend keeping the box on display or adding signage that you stock ‘free from’ cones so consumers are aware of what is available and don’t just assume they have to have a tub.

To discuss your special dietary ice cream ingredients or to find out more about our extensive range of ice cream cones, call us on 0843 515 1912 or email us

Posted on 13 May 2016 Category Making ice cream

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