Ice Cream Flavour Trends - The Tale of Two Seasons


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Back at the beginning of the year you may recall many of us visited Sigep and Harrogate as usual, where we discussed what new flavours were trending and what would be popular in the cabinets this year. Coronavirus was something we were aware of, but it wasn’t happening to us and maybe we were even sceptical it would impact our market or cross our borders. So we prepared as normal for the season. Lockdown came into play only 6 weeks after Harrogate and to be honest although we had witnessed it happening across Europe it was still a bit of a shock when it happened in the UK.

Suddenly our business models and processes had to change almost overnight. Whilst initially many parlours, gelaterias and retailers closed their doors entirely, gradually some businesses found new ways of reaching customers in their own homes. A limited selection of gelato and ice cream was offered by some for ordering online or by phone for collection or home delivery. The season had a rocky start to say the least. None of us could believe that we had to sit behind closed doors whilst the sun baked the ground dry for weeks on end! The great British public were desperate for ice cream to give them a treat in times of sadness and hardship as well as a bit of relief from the hot sun. Let’s call this ‘Season One’.

Ice Cream Season One

Season One was all about coffee and biscuits, with interest in the new Quella® Coffee with Crystals, Custard Cream and Biscoff flavours. All of these were flavours of focus at Sigep and Harrogate, although that may seem like a world away now. But what are we seeing emerging now as parlours, shops and gelaterias prepare to open their doors on 4th July?…

Ice Cream Season Two

We are noticing that our customers are looking for additional flavours to encourage consumers back into their shops. It is almost like a new season with another reinvention for the forth coming physical opening. Businesses are building on their strong and reliable cabinet flavours, by adding flavours of desserts, sweets and cakes such as Profiteroles, Marshmallow and Brownie. We have gone from ‘Coffee and Biscuits' to ‘Sweet Treats’. Maybe you have your own new ice cream flavours that you have experimented with during the lockdown period. If you need any help with balancing new recipes or ideas for twists on traditional flavours then please get in touch or book on a One 2 One training session with our very own Gelato Jonny.

For more information about new flavours contact your Business Relationship Manager or call Customer Service on 0161 789 4485.


Posted on 25 June 2020 Category Making ice cream

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