Ice cream and gelato - vegan, low sugar, dairy-free


Ice cream and gelato are words and indeed products which are close to many people’s lips during this recent UK heatwave. Or are they? For those who are vegan or dairy intolerant or looking for low sugar options, can they still enjoy this classic frozen dessert? The answer of course is yes! Antonelli is the sole UK distributor for MEC3 the world leading Italian flavour house, who is continually developing new flavours and recipes to enable everyone to enjoy top quality gelato. At Antonelli we are very much aware of the needs of all of our customers, which is why we developed our own specialist training facility - the Antonelli Gelato Academy - where we can provide ice cream training courses to meet your needs. As an ice cream cone maker by origin, we also make gluten free and organic cones. What’s more our unique Smoothy® waffle cones are suitable for vegans.

Adding special dietary ice cream and gelato to your standard cabinet

Many customers believe that catering for the special dietary market is both costly and time consuming and they can be nervous about committing too much to a product which may or may not be successful. Does this sound like you? In our experience if you have someone asking for a vegan, low sugar, dairy free or other special dietary product then there are probably many others wishing you had them too.

Making special dietary gelato need not be as complicated or costly as you might imagine. In the Antonelli Gelato Academy we can develop new products to suit your ingredients, traditions and market. Alternatively we can visit you at your parlour or gelateria and help develop new recipes to suit each dietary requirement on site. For example, we have produced a new vegan base which is made from raw materials, many of which you will already have and use in your ice cream making process. For more details on the courses we offer see our special ice cream training website

MEC3 - gelato flavours to suit everyone

Antonelli is proud to be the UK distributor for the leading ice cream ingredients manufacturer. This gives us the benefit of being able to offer our customers a wide range of products made to suit a variety of dietary requirements. See our special dietary products.

MEC3 are well known for their intensity of flavour in all their products, so you will not be left in any question about what you are tasting. Whether you are looking to develop a new recipe or perhaps looking for a quick way to make something for the minority markets, your local business relationship manager or our friendly office staff or knowledgable technical team can help you, so do contact us or give us a call on 0161 789 4485.

Posted on 12 July 2018 Category Making ice cream

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